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R/S phrases [risk and safety phrases]
R- und S-Sätze {pl} [Risiko- und Sicherheitssätze]
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Übersetzung für 'R S phrases' von Englisch nach Deutsch

R/S phrases [risk and safety phrases]
R- und S-Sätze {pl} [Risiko- und Sicherheitssätze]chem.ecol.EU
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  • For example, in "R v CD; R v CDK" (2005), the Court noted that while the Youth Criminal Justice Act did not define "violent offence" and "serious bodily harm," "McCraw" indicated that these phrases referred to substantial damage to a victim's health.
  • de Pearsall's 1837 translation, which retains the Latin phrases and substitutes English for German.
  • Barayata from the "Mekhilta" are introduced in the Babylonian Talmud by the phrases "Tana debe R.
  • Peterson, working off the Dothraki words and phrases in Martin's novels.
  • balearicus", is very similar to that of the nominate form, but one factor in separating the Madeiran firecrest from common firecrest is that the island bird's song is divided into three phrases, two of them consisting of modified display and anger calls.
  • One of Foch's favorite phrases was "Pas de protocole!
  • Bhairavi is distinguished from Mukhaari by the use of the phrases P D2 N2 S and S G2 R2 G2 M1.
  • This alphabet was the origin of phrases such as "ack-ack" (A.A. ...
  • These elements include the names of characters contained within as well as the names of places, objects and events within them, and certain short phrases and sayings from the works.
  • She listened to the demo provided by Mao only once, then came up with the rest based on the phrases that remained in her head.
  • Mike Wass of the website Idolator felt that "Sorry" was intended as a female response to "IDFWU" (2014) by Big Sean and further found similar phrases.
  • Fitzgerald identified numerous lexical items and phrases common to the two documents.
  • Leonard and Madonna had added Spanish phrases in the chorus, over the trumpets of the second verse, and also in the added instrumental break in the middle.
  • By this time, they are "hearing" phrases and sentences rather than words.
  • It is wrong to say that Kalyan has no specific phrases or particular features, many musicians avoid Sa and Pa in ascend or treat them very weakly in Yaman.
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