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R-word [euphemism for the use of the word retard] [verschleiernde Bezeichnung für das Schimpfwort »retard«]
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  • The recession index ("the R-word index") is an informal index created by The Economist which counts how many stories in The Washington Post and "The New York Times" use the word “recession” in a quarter.
  • There is a tendency of rhotacism, replacing intervocalic "d" with "r". Word-final stops and in some cases word-initial "a-" are elided. Suffixes "-iya-" and "-uwa-" may be syncopated to "-i-", "-u-".
  • He has specifically argued against use of what he calls "the R word," meaning "retarded", stating that the word, "retard", is very offensive and people with intellectual disabilities should be respected and treated like all other people.
  • Self advocates are also involved in the "R-Word" Campaign, in which they try to eliminate the use of the word "retard".
  • A meeting was held with Emanuel, who was asked to visit www.r-word.org, and he promised to take the R-word pledge.
  • He denied other wrongdoing, saying that "what we need is a mayor, not a prosecutor" and that Giuliani refused to say "the R-word [...] he doesn't like to admit he's a Republican".
  • Additionally, she works with Special Olympics to help promote the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign.
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