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basic reproduction number <R0, r nought> [epidemiology]
Basisreproduktionszahl {f} <R0> [Epidemiologie]
basic reproductive rate <R0, r nought> [epidemiology]
Basisreproduktionsrate {f} [Epidemiologie]
basic reproductive ratio <R0, r nought> [epidemiology]
Basisreproduktionsrate {f} <R0> [Epidemiologie]
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  • Basisreproduktionsrate {f} <R0> [Epidemiologie] = basic reproductive ratio <R0, r nought> [epidemiology]
  • Basisreproduktionszahl {f} <R0> [Epidemiologie] = basic reproduction number <R0, r nought> [epidemiology]
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  • An R0 space is one in which this holds for every pair of topologically distinguishable points.
  • Consider how a static observer at R=0 might determine his distance to a ring riding observer at R = R0.
  • If the type of value returned is too large to fit in r0 to r3, or whose size cannot be determined statically at compile time, then the caller must allocate space for that value at run time, and pass a pointer to that space in r0.
  • Each received symbol may be represented in vector form as vr = {r0, r1}, where r0 and r1 are soft decision values, whose magnitudes signify the "joint reliability" of the received vector, vr.
  • Therefore "r0"=1 if "m" is odd and "r0"=–1 if "m" is even is a solution.

  • R0 is used as the DMA address pointer. The starting address of the DMA data would be put in R0 and then pulling the appropriate read or write pin on the CPU low.
  • The Samsung YP-R0 (also known as Samsung R0 worldwide or Yepp R0 in Korea or Samsung R'PLAY in France) is a portable media player made by Samsung, leaked on August 10, 2009 and first released end of October 2009 in Russia.
  • Of these, the addresses of the 16 general-purpose registers (R0-R15) are not fixed.
  • Eskom claims a standard electricity production price (2012)of R0.31 per kWh (Eskom-predominately Coal and Nuclear), however energy generated from Eskom's new coal power plants have been estimated to be R0.97 per kWh.
  • Allen Forte originally designated four types: Rp (maximal similarity with respect to pitch class), R0 (minimal similarity), R1 (first order maximal similarity), and R2 (second order maximal similarity).

  • In ARGUS: N,R0,3 means use register R0 and then increase it by 3.
  • When a Products has been found, the parser advances to state 3 to accumulate the complete list of summands and find the end of rule r0.
  • R0 (cDe or Dce) is today most common in Africa. The allele was thus often assumed in early blood group analyses to have been typical of populations on the continent; particularly in areas below the Sahara.
  • Since this is the first iteration, we will use the residual vector r0 as our initial search direction p0; the method of selecting p"k" will change in further iterations.
  • Where r is the observed anisotropy, r0 is the intrinsic anisotropy of the molecule, [...] is the fluorescence lifetime and [...] is the rotational correlation time.

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