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Set R1 to left-hand / lefthand stop.R1 im Gegenuhrzeigersinn auf Anschlag stellen.
Set R1 to right-hand / righthand stop.R1 im Uhrzeigersinn auf Anschlag stellen.
voltage drop across resistor R1
Spannungs­abfall {m} am Widerstand R1
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  • Spannungsabfall {m} am Widerstand R1 = voltage drop across resistor R1
  • R1 im Gegenuhrzeigersinn auf Anschlag stellen. = Set R1 to left-hand / lefthand stop.
  • R1 im Uhrzeigersinn auf Anschlag stellen. = Set R1 to right-hand / righthand stop.
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  • immediately gives the result r1 = r2 = 1. In other words, requiring the vectors be of unit length restricts the vectors to lie on the unit circle.
  • In HPL instead of variables such as A1 and J2, there were numbered registers r1, r2, up to r199999.
  • Version 3 was initially released in August 2007 for ten bestselling languages, with other languages following later on. The final revision of Version 3 is v3.4.7.r1.
  • The gene r3 is independent of r1 and r2 in breeding tests so they fall on different chromosomes.
  • Each received symbol may be represented in vector form as vr = {r0, r1}, where r0 and r1 are soft decision values, whose magnitudes signify the "joint reliability" of the received vector, vr.

  • SAAMI defines the length to the shoulder as the demarcation point where the bottom of inside curvature radius (corresponding roughly to CIP's r1) of the shoulder begins and the length to the neck as where the outside curvature radius (approximating CIP's r2) meets the neck.
  • The marginal cell (r1) is open with the anterior cross-vein (R-M) located near the base of discal cell.
  • The marginal (r1) and submarginal (r2+3) cells are both open at the wing margin.
  • Except where noted (with a superscript), the language described above is that of the "Revised Report(r1)".
  • For parameters {r1,r2,α}, this equation of the coupler curve follows the equation for a straight line (y=mx).

  • The Library of Congress has a "digital file containing 300 ft. 16mm fragment from one reel (r1) loaned by collector".
  • An example is 'jump indirect on the r1 register', which means that the next instruction to be executed is at the address in register r1.
  • The VR Class Tr1 is a class of heavy freight locomotive built in Finland and Germany. Before 1942 VR Class Tr1s originally had the class name R1.
  • "Paraborkhausenites" can be distinguished from "Epiborkhausenites" by the vein structuring in the fore wings with "Paraborkhausenites" having r1, r2, and r3 veins which run parallel to each other.
  • Let (r1, r2, r3, …….,rn) be the requirements over the n-period horizon.

  • Here "r2" differs from "r1" only in the A and D values of the last tuple.
  • If the optimal rate (from the point of view of the bank) is between "r1" and "r2", then only some of the risky types will be rationed (the safe types are unwilling to borrow at such a rate); they will not be given credit even at higher rates.
  • The front mirror has a transmittance of t1 and generally has lower reflectivity than compared to the mirror at back (R1 < R2 ).
  • Due to this syntactic structure, regions are "nested", meaning that if r2 is created after r1, it must also be deallocated before r1; the result is a "stack" of regions.
  • Wings elongate, brownish along the front border, hyaline behind. Wing with cell R4+5 acute and slightly petiolate; cell r1 open. The crossvein r-m is strongly oblique.

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