Übersetzung für 'Rabat' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN1   rabat | rabats
NOUN2   Rabat | -
SYNO capital of Morocco | Rabat
Rabat {n}
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Übersetzung für 'Rabat' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Rabat {n}geogr.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Adrian Mifsud (born 11 December 1974 in Rabat, Malta) is a professional footballer currently playing for Maltese Second Division side Rabat Ajax, where he plays as a striker.
  • French magistrate court dress and French academic dress include a jabot, called "rabat".
  • He is born in the capital of the Morocco Rabat and started his career in local team FUS de Rabat.
  • After completion of the Casablanca-Rabat expressway new developments contributed in completing the much wanted North-South and East-West main links.
  • Two bath houses, dated by 9th to the 12th centuries, were found on the rabat (suburbs) outside the city wall.

  • A form of a dickey, often called a rabat or stock, is still commonplace in the attire of some Christian clergy. It is worn either over a clerical shirt or another shirt and under a jacket.
  • Rabat has its own football club called Rabat Ajax F.C.
  • FAR de Rabat won the competition, beating Difaâ Hassani El Jadidi 3–0 in the final, played at the Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium in Rabat.
  • The draw of the final tournament was held on 17 November 2017, 19:30 WET (UTC±0), at Sofitel Rabat in Rabat, Morocco.
  • Born in Rabat, Boulahroud began his career with hometown side FUS Rabat.

  • The École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Rabat called also Mines Rabat in French or Rabat School of Mines in English is a leading Grande école engineering school in Morocco.
  • "Casa Cosmana Navarra" is found at 28 St. Paul’s Street in Rabat, Malta, next to Rabat's parish church and close to The Wignacourt Museum.
  • ... born 1965–rabat) is a Moroccan businessman and CEO of the group "Interface".
  • El Houssaine Ouchla (born 1 December 1970 in Rabat) is a retired Moroccan football player.
  • The Rabat–Salé tramway (In French: "Tramway de Rabat-Salé") is a tram system in the Moroccan agglomeration of Rabat and Salé cities which opened on 23 May 2011.

  • Princess Lalla Aicha was born at Rabat Royal Palace in Rabat, she was privately educated in Rabat and awarded a Baccalauréat degree.
  • ... "rabat": "to tie, to unite" or [...] "raabat": "to encamp").
  • Regrettably, except for the entrance portal that was badly damaged, the earthquake of 1968 totally demolished what was left of the rest of the rabat, [...] including the landmark flanking walls with the semi-column decorations.
  • The "Arabat" part of the name comes from the Arabat Fortress, a 17th-century Turkish fort at the southern end of the spit.
  • Imām Rabāţ (...), sometimes called Imamrabat, is a village in Helmand Province, in southwestern Afghanistan.

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