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Rabbanisten {pl} [veraltet] [Rabbaniten]
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Übersetzung für 'Rabbanites' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Rabbanisten {pl} [veraltet] [Rabbaniten]relig.
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  • In the same "responsum", he concludes that if the Ethiopian Jewish community wished to return to rabbinic Judaism, they would be received and welcomed into the fold, just as the Karaites who returned to the teachings of the Rabbanites in the time of Rabbi Abraham ben Maimonides.
  • In attacking the Rabbanites, he followed the example of his predecessors, as Solomon ben Jeroham, Japheth ben Ali, Sahl ben Matzliah, and others.
  • "All Rabbanites and Karaites who live in European countries are the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Yaakov, peace be upon them, from the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and the semi-tribe of Manasseh".
  • The community was divided between Rabbanites and Karaites.
  • A few hundred Jews, Karaites and Rabbanites, were living in Ashkelon in the second half of the 12th century, but moved to Jerusalem when the city was destroyed in 1191.

  • He eventually returned to Spain settling around Andalusia, where he attempted to gain Karaite followers amongst the Rabbanites.
  • They were the mainstream Rabbanites and the Karaites, who reject the authority of the Talmud and rely only on the Hebrew Bible.
  • He endeavored to enforce the observance of every rabbinic provision emanating from or as explained by either of the two great Babylonian academies; and as the Karaites rejected the ritualistic forms of these schools, he made strenuous efforts to establish uniformity among the Rabbanites.
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