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Rayleigh-Taylor instability <RTI, RT instability, R-T instability>
Rayleigh-Taylor-Instabilität {f} <RTI, RT-Instabilität, R-T-Instabilität>
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  • Rayleigh-Taylor-Instabilität {f} <RTI, RT-Instabilität, R-T-Instabilität> = Rayleigh-Taylor instability <RTI, RT instability, R-T instability>
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  • The convection can simply peel away the lower crust or, in a different scenario, a Rayleigh-Taylor instability is created.
  • Eventually this can lead to a Rayleigh-Taylor instability (Figure 2), or interpenetration of rock on different sides of the buoyancy contrast.
  • This feature is especially important for minimizing the seeding of Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities in the imploding fusion target capsule plasma.
  • The flame accelerates dramatically, in part due to the RayleighTaylor instability and interactions with turbulence.
  • This causes RayleighTaylor instability. That is, the smooth water wall touching the blast face becomes turbulent and fractal, with fingers and branches of cold ocean water extending into the bubble.

  • This led to hot spots on the pellet which were imprinted into the imploding plasma, seeding RayleighTaylor instabilities and thereby mixing the plasma so the center did not collapse uniformly.
  • The RayleighTaylor instability, or RT instability (after Lord Rayleigh and G. ...
  • The dynamics and periodic morphology of "electrokinetic instabilities" are similar to other systems with RayleighTaylor instabilities.
  • He received the Excellence in Plasma Physics award of the American Physical Society in 1995 and was elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society in 2001 "For his seminal contributions to the design of laser-driven Rayleigh-Taylor experiments, and to the analysis and design of shock-timing experiments for cryogenic inertial confinement fusion targets".
  • The implosion process must be extremely uniform in order to avoid asymmetry due to RayleighTaylor instability and similar effects.

  • It is pushed out of the Galactic plane by magnetic fields and cosmic rays and then becomes RayleighTaylor unstable if it is pushed past its normal scale height.
  • The underlying fluid mechanics phenomenon in lava lamps is a form of RayleighTaylor instability.
  • In 1999, Sandia tested the idea of nested wire arrays; the second array, out of phase with the first, compensates for Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities.
  • For interfacial waves to exist, the lower layer has to be heavier than the upper one, [...]. Otherwise, the interface is unstable and a RayleighTaylor instability develops.
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