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NOUN   rayleigh | rayleighs
SYNO John William Strutt | Lord Rayleigh | Rayleigh | ...
Rayleigh damping
Rayleigh-Dämpfung {n}
Rayleigh distribution
Rayleigh-Verteilung {f}
Rayleigh equation
Rayleigh-Gleichung {f}
Rayleigh number <Ra>
Rayleigh-Zahl {f} <Ra>
Rayleigh scatter <RS>Rayleigh-Streuung {f} <RS>
Rayleigh scattering
Luftstreuung {f}
Rayleigh scattering <RS>Rayleigh-Streuung {f} <RS>
Rayleigh wave
Rayleigh-Welle {f} [auch: Rayleighwelle]
Rayleigh waves
Rayleigh-Wellen {pl}
3 Wörter
Plateau-Rayleigh instability
Plateau-Rayleigh-Instabilität {f}
Rayleigh fading channel
Rayleigh-Fadingkanal {m}
Rayleigh-Bénard cellRayleigh-Bénard-Zelle {f}
Rayleigh-Jeans law
Rayleigh-Jeans Gesetz {n}
Rayleigh-Taylor instability <RTI, RT instability, R-T instability>
Rayleigh-Taylor-Instabilität {f} <RTI, RT-Instabilität, R-T-Instabilität>
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  • Rayleigh-Dämpfung {n} = Rayleigh damping
  • Rayleigh-Fadingkanal {m} = Rayleigh fading channel
  • Rayleigh-Gleichung {f} = Rayleigh equation
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  • The league was dominated by Rayleigh, Poole and Bristol.
  • The term Rayleigh–Lamb waves embraces the Rayleigh wave, a type of wave that propagates along a single surface.
  • The rayleigh, a unit of photon flux used to measure airglow, is named after him. A special issue of "Applied Optics" published in 1964 is devoted to the 3rd and 4th Barons Rayleigh.
  • The Rayleigh number, shown below, is a dimensionless number that characterizes convection problems in heat transfer. A critical value exists for the Rayleigh number, above which fluid motion occurs.
  • When the heat release oscillations are in phase with the pressure oscillations, the Rayleigh Index is positive and the magnitude of the thermoacoustic instability is maximised.

  • This crater was previously designated Rayleigh A, a satellite of Rayleigh, before being given its current name by the IAU.
  • Rayleigh–Gans approximation, also known as Rayleigh–Gans–Debye approximation and Rayleigh–Gans–Born approximation, is an approximate solution to light scattering by optically soft particles.
  • The Rayleigh Rockets rode at the Rayleigh Weir Stadium in Rayleigh, Essex, The team arrived in 1970 but moved on to Ellesmere Port at the end of the 1971 season to become the Ellesmere Port Gunners.
  • His eldest brother was physicist John Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh who co-discovered argon and discovered Rayleigh scattering. He was uncle of physicist Robert Strutt, 4th Baron Rayleigh.
  • Rayleigh–Bénard convection is also sometimes known as "Bénard–Rayleigh convection", "Bénard convection", or "Rayleigh convection".

  • Rayleigh Town Museum occupies the 1st floor at 91 High Street and contains many artifacts telling the history of Rayleigh.
  • To simplify these challenges, Differential optical absorption spectroscopy has gained some popularity, as it focusses on differential absorption features and omits broad-band absorption such as aerosol extinction and extinction due to rayleigh scattering.
  • In the visible to the near-infrared range of light, Rayleigh scattering is the dominant effect.
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