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Raymond's bush-cricket [Yersinella raymondii]
Kleine Strauchschrecke {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Raymond's' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Raymond's bush-cricket [Yersinella raymondii]
Kleine Strauchschrecke {f}entom.
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  • In the morning Claude asks Raymond to leave before Crystal finds out who he is, and Raymond agrees for 500 pounds.
  • Donte uses the information to attempt an assassination of Raymond.
  • The area was named either for Israel Ward Raymond, a park commissioner who urged the preservation of Yosemite Valley, or for T.
  • At the station, the police officer shows takes Raymond to his office.
  • ... ca/fr/avis/fiche/+raymond-c-setlakwe ) of former Canadian senator Raymond Setlakwe, and is married to former senator and federal cabinet minister Michael Fortier.
  • The specific name, "raymondlaurenti", is in honor of Belgian herpetologist Raymond Ferdinand Laurent.
  • "Schizolaena raymondii" is a tree in the family Sarcolaenaceae. It is endemic to Madagascar. It is named for the botanist Raymond Rabevohitra.
  • Meanwhile, the detective searching for Raymond has returned to the hospital, and—with the help of Raymond’s doctor—gains a valuable clue to Raymond’s whereabouts.
  • Raymond is a retired gendarme (French police officer). Raymond never misses an opportunity to make fun of Huguette's cooking. Raymond nicknames Huguette "Ma Poule" ("My honey bun" in English).
  • The Raymond Alf Museum of Paleontology acts as a center for paleontological education and research by maintaining and expanding its collection of over 140,000 specimens.
  • The Mary Ray Memorial School, now the Raymond Community Center, is located on Raymond Sheddan Avenue in Raymond, Georgia, United States.
  • Liezel Huber and Lisa Raymond were the defending champions, but Raymond decided not to participate.
  • "Yersinella raymondi", common name Raymond's Bush-cricket, is a species of "katydids crickets" belonging to the family Tettigoniidae subfamily Tettigoniinae.
  • Raymond was born to Asa and Huldah (Rice) Raymond in Shutesbury, Massachusetts on August 23, 1804.
  • At Union headquarters, Jean and Raymond reunite. Raymond reveals that he was taken as prisoner of war from Quantrail's men and that Jerry made sure Raymond's letters never made it Jean.
  • The channel launched as Paul Raymond TV in October 2008, replacing the free-to-air Playboy One. The channel broadcast pornographic videos from the Paul Raymond website, paulraymond.com.
  • Raymond's son Geoffrey Raymond Charlick (1912–1976) was a linguist, scholar and author.
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