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NOUN   a rhodopsin | rhodopsins
SYNO retinal purple | rhodopsin | visual purple
Rhodopsin {n}
rhodopsin-like {adj}
rhodopsin-like compound
rhodopsinähnliche Verbindung {f}
rhodopsin-like receptors
Rhodopsin-ähnliche Rezeptoren {pl}
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  • Rhodopsin {n} = rhodopsin
  • Rhodopsin-ähnliche Rezeptoren {pl} = rhodopsin-like receptors
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  • 32), contains 6 exons, and codes for a G protein coupled receptor (GPCR) of the rhodopsin-like receptor family, Subfamily A14 (see rhodopsin-like receptors#Subfamily A14).
  • Arrestin-1 bound to rhodopsin prevents rhodopsin activation of the transducin protein to turn off photo-transduction completely.
  • Rods contain a receptor-protein called rhodopsin. When light falls on rhodopsin, it undergoes a series of conformational changes ultimately generating electrical signals which are carried to the brain via the optic nerve.
  • Rhodopsin regeneration has been studied in skates and rays. After complete photo-bleaching, rhodopsin can completely regenerate within 2 hours in the retina.
  • In 1983, Hargrave and colleagues in his laboratory published the full amino acid sequence for rhodopsin, a photoreceptor protein, after having previously published partial sequences.

  • Firstly, there exists a rhodopsin kinase (RK) which would phosphorylate the cytosolic tail of the activated rhodopsin on the multiple serines, partially inhibiting the activation of transducin.
  • Though Tβγ has been mentioned to be crucial for Tα binding to rhodopsin, there is also evidence that Tβγ may have a crucial, possibly direct role in nucleotide exchange than previously thought.
  • Sensory rhodopsin II (SRII), also known as "pharaonis" phoborhodopsin ("p"pR), is a membrane protein of archaea, responsible generating the phototaxis signal.
  • Like many other G protein-coupled receptors, the rhodopsin protein undergoes endocytosis following activation.
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