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S-Class [Mercedes-Benz®]
S-Klasse {f} [Mercedes-Benz®]
to be out of sb.'s classjdm. haushoch überlegen sein
to be out of sb.'s class
um Klassen besser als jd. sein
He's in a class of his own. [fig.]
Er ist eine Klasse für sich. [fig.]
out of keeping with one's station / class {adj}unstandesgemäß
to be in a class of one's owneine Klasse für sich sein
to marry within one's social classstandesgemäß heiraten
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  • The Badger will use GM's Ultium battery technology, and GM will be an exclusive fuel cell supplier for all of Nikola's class 7/8 trucks.
  • In 1981, Mercedes-Benz introduced the airbag in West Germany as an option on its flagship saloon model, S-Class (W126).
  • Naval Academy, the academy's Class of 1957 donated the funds to permanently endow this position.
  • I once saw one of them coming out of a cab bottom first and hitting the road, and I thought 'that's class'".
  • The maid's clothing was meant to follow the fashion trends of the time while also representing her employer's class status and wealth.
  • Ayres's class in Philosophy III at Amherst have survived.
  • Barron effectively controlled the company's class B shares, each with a voting power of ten regular shares, prior to its sale to News Corp.
  • Mercedes-Benz launched its first passenger car model equipped with a hybrid drive system in summer 2009, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class 400 Hybrid.
  • Typically one must graduate in the top ten percent of one's class and continue for graduate study at Trinity.
  • The standard encoding method uses a recursive graph-based translation of the object's class descriptor and serializable fields into a byte stream.
  • The presidential limousine is a Mercedes-Benz S-Class LWB.
  • In computational complexity theory, the class NC (for "Nick's Class") is the set of decision problems decidable in polylogarithmic time on a parallel computer with a polynomial number of processors.
  • This 1982 movie was an attempt by John Hughes to make something similar to "Animal House". "National Lampoon's Class Reunion" was not successful, however.
  • the part determining the compound's class, is the last part.
  • Those in the elite SS class wear red shorts with a black stripe, white stars and special insignia.
  • A non-subclassable class is created by declaring the class as [...] in C# or as [...] in Java or PHP. For example, Java's [...] class is designated as "final".
  • Long distance telephone calls were redirected from the LEC's ingress CLASS 5 switch to the Total Control 1000 media gateway, where it was converted from TDM to IP and transported across AT&T's WorldNet IP backbone.
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