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S-Parameter {pl}
Earth's orbital parameters
orbitale Erdparameter {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'S parameters' von Englisch nach Deutsch

S-Parameter {pl}electr.

Earth's orbital parameters
orbitale Erdparameter {pl}astron.
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  • Nonparametric statistics is based on either being distribution-free or having a specified distribution but with the distribution's parameters unspecified.
  • Resolving underfitting can be handled in multiple ways, a possible method could be to increase the model's parameters, or to add more training data.
  • The usual design is that the camera's parameters for interpreting the sensor data values into sRGB values are fixed, and a number of different EI choices are accommodated by varying the sensor's signal gain in the analog realm, prior to conversion to digital.
  • The task is to compute, given the model's parameters and a sequence of observations, the distribution over hidden states of the last latent variable at the end of the sequence, i.e.
  • Copernicus's parameters for the moon are exactly the same as those of Ibn ash-Shātir.
  • Lambda's parameters types don't have to be fully specified and can be inferred from the interface it implements.
  • Some older compilers allow one only to specialize either all or none of the template's parameters.
  • Given the similarity of the orbit's parameters with Psamathe (S/2003 N 1), it was suggested that both irregular satellites could have a common origin in the break-up of a larger moon.
  • For example, model calibration can be also used to refer to Bayesian inference about the value of a model's parameters, given some data set, or more generally to any type of fitting of a statistical model.
  • They are to construct a device following a specific event's parameters and test the device against others.
  • law enforcement agency to teach PIT was the Fairfax County Police Department in Virginia, which modified the technique's parameters for initiation and execution in police tactics.
  • Some commentators also use display resolution to indicate a range of input formats that the display's input electronics will accept and often include formats greater than the screen's native grid size even though they have to be down-scaled to match the screen's parameters (e.g. ...
  • long that would connect into adjacent neighborhoods, but the project's route and scope were greatly reduced over the years to meet budget constraints and UMTA's parameters.
  • This is because the rest of the CHGPGM command's parameters were not specified, so default values will be passed instead.
  • the value as one or more of a function's parameters becomes arbitrarily large.
  • Le Sage discussed the theory in great detail and he proposed quantitative estimates for some of the theory's parameters.
  • Moreover, the influence of the problem's parameters on [...] — the partial derivatives of the implicit function — can be expressed as total derivatives of the system of first-order conditions found using total differentiation.
  • The effectiveness of SVM depends on the selection of kernel, the kernel's parameters, and soft margin parameter [...].
  • Examples include "note-on" messages which contain a MIDI note number that specifies the note's pitch, a velocity value that indicates how forcefully the note was played, and the channel number; "note-off" messages that end a note; program change messages that change a device's patch; and control changes that allow adjustment of an instrument's parameters.
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