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S-phrase [safety phrase]
S-Satz {m} [Sicherheitssatz]
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Übersetzung für 'S phrase' von Englisch nach Deutsch

S-phrase [safety phrase]
S-Satz {m} [Sicherheitssatz]chem.ecol.EU
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  • The way George Herbert and other English poets "torture one poor word ten thousand ways", in Dryden's phrase, finds its counterpart in a poem like "Constantijn Huygens’ "Sondagh" (Sunday) with its verbal variations on the word 'sun'.
  • Nonetheless, unlike Thomas Henry Huxley, whose agnosticism was a militant creed directed at 'the unpardonable sin of faith' (in Adrian Desmond's phrase), Spencer insisted that he was not concerned to undermine religion in the name of science, but to bring about a reconciliation of the two.
  • Brown has become known for the phrase, his signature call, similar to other sports broadcasters, such as the Cincinnati Reds' announcer Marty Brennamen's phrase ('This one belongs to the Reds'), and former Pirates announcers Lanny Frattare ("There was no doubt about it!
  • For Clarissa, the "continuous present" (Gertrude Stein's phrase) of her charmed youth at Bourton keeps intruding into her thoughts on this day in London.
  • At the death of Robert Lochner in September 2003, German media retold the story on the creation of Kennedy's phrase without mentioning the myth, while on the same occasion English media still added the myth as fact, as for example the New York Times informed by Associated Press.
  • Theodore's phrase "Say turn it up" from his track "Fantastic Freaks at the Dixie" was sampled by hip hop and rap acts such as Public Enemy (on the track "Bring the Noise"), Bomb the Bass (on the track "Megablast"), and many others.
  • ' Uhlig's phrase 'the Hebrew art-taste' was to be used by Richard Wagner to spark off his attack on Meyerbeer, "Das Judenthum in der Musik" (Jewishness in Music) (see below).
  • The title of Ernest Hemingway's only play "The Fifth Column" (1938) is a translation of General Mola's phrase, "la quinta columna."
  • Lanzer was verbally clever and introduced Freud to Nietzsche's phrase (which Freud later cited) "'I did this,' says my Memory.
  • Delegorgue's phrase "the question will not be put" was repeated dozens of times.
  • Story's phrase "unless prohibited by state legislation" was a catalyst for a number of personal liberty laws enacted by Pennsylvania and other Northern states.
  • Semyon Reznik targets the "Russophobia" essay for alleged factual inaccuracies: Shafarevich misassigned Jewish ethnicity to a number of non-Jews involved in the execution of Nicholas II, perpetuated the false assertion of graffiti in Yiddish at the murder site and suggested that Shafarevich's phrase "Nicholas II was shot specifically as the "Tsar", and this ritual act drew a line under an epoch in Russian history" – may be read as a blood libel.
  • Brucker's phrase was itself a modernization of the phrase "adsensionis retentio" ("a holding back of assent") used by Marcus Tullius Cicero in his "Academica".
  • The film's title comes from prosecutor Doug Mulder's phrase during his closing argument that the police are the "thin blue line" separating society from "anarchy".
  • The theory of recapitulation, also called the biogenetic law or embryological parallelism—often expressed using Ernst Haeckel's phrase "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny"—is a historical hypothesis that the development of the embryo of an animal, from fertilization to gestation or hatching (ontogeny), goes through stages resembling or representing successive adult stages in the evolution of the animal's remote ancestors (phylogeny).
  • Hence Moglen's phrase "Resist the resistance!" (i.e. ...
  • Historian Jack Rakove posits Burlamaqui as a source in addition to Locke as inspiration for Jefferson's phrase.
  • Arrian's phrase [...]) has frequently been rendered as 'lightest armed', although Brunt concedes it is more properly translated as 'nimblest' or 'most agile'.
  • Shakespeare's phrase "hoist with his own petard" [...] meaning that one could be lifted (blown) upward by one's own bomb, or in other words, be foiled by one's own plan [...] has become an idiom that means "to be harmed by one's own plan (to harm someone else)" or "to fall into one's own trap".
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