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S-twisted {adj} [thread, yarn]
linksgedreht [Faden, Garn]
screened shielded twisted pair <S/STP> abgeschirmte, verdrillte Kabel {pl} mit Gesamtschirmung
screened shielded twisted pair cable <S/STP cable>
S/STP-Kabel {n}
screened unshielded twisted pair cable <S/UTP cable>
S/UTP-Kabel {n}
twisted ramshorn / ram's-horn [Bathyomphalus contortus]
Riemen-Tellerschnecke / Riementellerschnecke {f}
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  • His comics work includes DC Comics' "Firestorm" and Graphic Universe's "Twisted Journeys," a series of interactive fiction or gamebooks in graphic novel form, and his novel work includes the young-adult science fiction espionage series "Alex Unlimited" along with his international best selling novel, The Gray Widow's Walk, which is his first book in the Gray Widow trilogy that he publishes through Seventh Star Press.
  • St Mary's Church has a 13th-century lead-covered timber spire similar in design to Chesterfield Parish Church's twisted spire, but Long Sutton's is straight.
  • The Canton tower's twisted shape or hyperboloid structure corresponds to the Russian Empire patent No.
  • You have been selected to travel into the past and untangle Vettenmyer's twisted plot.
  • The tower's twisted design includes six tree trunks (Douglas-firs from the municipal forest of Freiburg) around a staircase made of steel.
  • Elmo's Twisted Christmas" (1992).
  • The lyrics to "Neighbourhood" were partially inspired by frontman Tommy Scott's upbringing in the Liverpool housing estate Cantril Farm (which has since been reestablished as Stockbridge Village), yet it stays true to the band's twisted sense of humour by depicting a variety of somewhat warped personalities including a man who thinks he's Saddam Hussein, Mr Miller, a "local vicar and a serial killer," a "big butch queen" who's "bigger than Tyson and twice as mean," and others.
  • They then showed that this K-theory is isomorphic to Rosenberg's twisted K-theory, and provides an analysis-free construction.
  • Series 5 featured McFarlane's Twisted Christmas. Like the previous series, the figures all are twisted variations of Christmas, including a hunchback and obese Santa Claus who hides a lifeless skull under a gasmask-like headpiece and wears contraptions on his hands similar to the glove of Freddy Krueger.
  • He authored a memoir, 2012's "Twisted Justice: A Memoir of Conspiracies and Personal Politics" which features his recollections of his time in office, and his reflections on his prison sentence and subsequent career.
  • The cover of the "Hicksville" album was designed by Mark Neal, the same artist who worked on Posford's "Twisted" and "The Lone Deranger", as well as the Shpongle albums.
  • Raelee Frazier cast Ted Radcliffe's twisted broken hands in bronze as part of the 2003 "Hitters Hands" series of baseball sculptures that toured the United States in "Shades of Greatness", an exhibition sponsored by the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.
  • Terra's twisted psyche causes her to take that idea to its worst extreme as she turns on Slade and orders Wintergreen to subject her to the same drugs that transformed Slade into his current state, with her previously enhanced physiology allowing her to come through the process far more easily than Slade did.
  • Deane enters the dark dreamscape of Stargher's twisted psyche, filled with doll-like versions of his victims.
  • Upon seeing Izanami's twisted body, Izanagi fled from Yomi, shaken and in terror.
  • After the disintegration of Hut Records in 2004, Ashcroft signed to Parlophone Following his performance at Live 8, Ashcroft was booked as a support act for Coldplay's Twisted Logic Tour throughout North America and the UK, which started on 14 March in Ottawa, Canada.
  • Cassie realises that both the affair and the accusation are evidence of Peter's twisted obsession with Prue and orders him to leave; he spends the night at Sarah's apartment.
  • In February 2011, she appeared as Pauline in "Benidorm", reprising the role in the 2016 & 2018 series and through March–April appeared in the Jeremy Dyson play adaption of Roald Dahl's "Twisted Tales".
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