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first sacral vertebra <1st sacral vertebra, S1 vertebra, S1> [Vertebra sacralis I]
erster Sakralwirbel {m} <1. Sakralwirbel, S1, S 1>
primary somatosensory cortex <PSC, SI, S1>
primärer somatosensorischer Cortex {m} <PSC, SI, S1>
primary somatic sensory cortex <PSC, SI, S1>
primärer somatosensorischer Cortex {m} <PSC, SI, S1>
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  • erster Sakralwirbel {m} <1. Sakralwirbel, S1, S 1> = first sacral vertebra <1st sacral vertebra, S1 vertebra, S1> [Vertebra sacralis I]
  • primärer somatosensorischer Cortex {m} <PSC, SI, S1> = primary somatosensory cortex <PSC, SI, S1>
  • primärer somatosensorischer Cortex {m} <PSC, SI, S1> = primary somatic sensory cortex <PSC, SI, S1>
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  • As can be seen, s1 which is the initial wall thickness of the workpiece is reduced to s0.
  • As 2 can not divide 1 properly (leaving remainder zero), there is no dependency between s1 and s2 and various other loop transformation methods can be applied.
  • In Ḥaḑramautic the third person pronouns begin with "s1". It has feminine forms ending in "ṯ" and "s3".
  • It replaces that 0 with a 1, moves one position to the right and enters s1 again for another round of the loop.
  • The JEM505 has Ibanez v7, s1, v8 pick ups.

  • The bytes "s1" and "s2" are taken together to represent a big-endian 16-bit integer specifying the length of the following "data bytes" plus the 2 bytes used to represent the length.
  • For some atoms the spins of several unpaired electrons (s1, s2, ...) are coupled to form a "total spin" quantum number S.
  • Mahottari 3 incorporates Matihani Municipality, Jaleshwar Municipality, wards 8–10 of Manara Shiswa Municipality, wards 1–5 and 7 of Pipra Rural Municipality and ward s1–5 of Ekdara Rural Municipality.
  • The House of Lords decided that impossibility was not within the scope of the offence under s1(2) of the Criminal Attempts Act (nor any other residual offence from earlier legal precedents).
  • However the child can be registered as a British citizen under s1(3) of the British Nationality Act 1981 provided application is made before the age of 18.

  • With y(t) determined, the output sout(t) can be obtained from the convolution of s1(t) and y(t), i.e.
  • In the mainstream, initial category for protection and recognition are the original two sides which survive. These are the north (№s9 to 31) and east (№s1 to 8).
  • It was sponsored by Skills Development Scotland and awards are presented to teams in three age groups: p5-7, s1-3 and s4-6.
  • (s1,ui) is in R, and (s1',s2') is in R.
  • There is a shift-reduce conflict in this item set: when constructing the action table according to the rules above, the cell for set 1, terminal '1' contains s1 (shift to state 1) and r2 (reduce with grammar rule 2).

  • ( "s3" − "s1" ) cents per step in either direction from the narrowest, in C major, to the widest, in F [...] major.
  • <sup id=s1>1Since 1964 was also Defence Minister.
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