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second sacral vertebra <2nd sacral vertebra, S2 vertebra, S2> [Vertebra sacralis II]
zweiter Sakralwirbel {m} <2. Sakralwirbel, S2, S 2>
secondary somatosensory cortex <SSC, SII, S2>
sekundärer somatosensorischer Cortex {m} <SSC, SII, S2>
secondary somatic sensory cortex <SSC, SII, S2>
sekundärer somatosensorischer Cortex {m} <SSC, SII, S2>
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  • zweiter Sakralwirbel {m} <2. Sakralwirbel, S2, S 2> = second sacral vertebra <2nd sacral vertebra, S2 vertebra, S2> [Vertebra sacralis II]
  • sekundärer somatosensorischer Cortex {m} <SSC, SII, S2> = secondary somatosensory cortex <SSC, SII, S2>
  • sekundärer somatosensorischer Cortex {m} <SSC, SII, S2> = secondary somatic sensory cortex <SSC, SII, S2>
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  • The particle k- has a prefixed s2 in Minaean, as in "bn s2-kḏ" "from (the possibility) that ..."
  • The maximum linear acceleration of the satellites is 0.17m/s2, with an accuracy of 0.5 cm. The maximum angular acceleration is 3.5 rad/s2, with an accuracy of 2.5 degrees.
  • 4 m/s2 (11.2 ft/s2) is used to determine stopping sight distance.
  • The gaul has units of N·s2/m8, or alternatively Pa·s2/m6.
  • The bytes "s1" and "s2" are taken together to represent a big-endian 16-bit integer specifying the length of the following "data bytes" plus the 2 bytes used to represent the length.

  • C3 (km2/s2) to get from Earth to various planets: Mars 12, Jupiter 80, Saturn or Uranus 147. To Pluto (with its orbital inclination) needs about 160–164 km2/s2.
  • , in good agreement with the aluminium(I) atom having an s2 electron configuration.
  • Humboldt squid, The acceleration of Sthenoteuthis pteropus in air is 265 body lengths/s2 (24.5 m/s2), which is found to exceed that in water (79 body lengths/s2).
  • A variant of this system applies the unit s2/ft to the proportionality constant.
  • Alice can cheat at step 2 by attempting to randomly guess "s2".

  • The accuracy is about ±10−6 m/s2.
  • (vi,s2) is in R, and (s1',s2') is in R.
  • The acceleration reaches 0.9 m/s2 for the eight-cell configuration and 1 m/s2 for the seven-cell configuration. The deceleration reaches −1.05 m/s2 during service braking.
  • 75 m/s2 (2.46 ft/s2) and braking of 1.0 m/s2 (3.28 ft/s2) enabling an all-stops train to operate a Ferny Grove service in 25 minutes, an eight-minute saving over diesel-hauled services.
  • 8322 m/s2. The difference of 0.0178 m/s2 between the gravitational acceleration at the poles and the true gravitational acceleration at the Equator is because objects located on the Equator are about [...] further away from the center of mass of the Earth than at the poles, which corresponds to a smaller gravitational acceleration.

  • The acceleration of gravity at the surface of the inner core can be computed to be 4.3 m/s2; which is less than half the value at the surface of the Earth (9.8 m/s2).
  • Peak ground acceleration can be expressed in fractions of "g" (the standard acceleration due to Earth's gravity, equivalent to g-force) as either a decimal or percentage; in m/s2 (1 "g" = 9.81 m/s2); or in multiples of Gal, where 1 Gal is equal to 0.01 m/s [...] (1 "g" = 981 Gal).
  • 174 049 ft/s2 (9.80665 m/s2; the acceleration of gravity, "g"), we can scale down the unit of force to compensate, giving us one that accelerates 1 pound mass at 1 ft/s2 rather than at 32.174 049 ft/s2; and that is the poundal, which is approximately [...] pound force.
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