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South Atlantic anomaly <SAA>
Südatlantische Anomalie {f}
Syrian Arab Army <SAA>
Syrisch-Arabische Armee {f} <SAA>
system application architecture <SAA>
System-Anwendungs­-Architektur {f} <SAA>
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  • schwach aktive Abfälle {pl} <SAA> = low-level waste {sg} <LLW>
  • Syrisch-Arabische Armee {f} <SAA> = Syrian Arab Army <SAA>
  • System-Anwendungs-Architektur {f} <SAA> = system application architecture <SAA>
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In his historic essay "Hvi skrider Menneskeheden saa langsomt frem?
  • In September 2006, they released their album "Himlen kan vänta", with hit songs "Raggaren", "Såpornas kung", and "Ei saa peittää".
  • Tervomaa's biggest hits include "Suljettu sydän" (1998), "Yhtä en saa" (1999), "Rakkauden haudalla" (Helmiä ja sikoja soundtrack, 2003), "Myöhemmin" (2004) and "Se ei kuulu mulle" (2004).
  • The Anasazi (pronounced ah-nuh-saa-zee) (Navajo for "the ancient ones") lived in small villages up and down the valley hundreds of years ago.
  • Mulberry leaves which are not used for silk worm production are frequently used for the production of "saa" paper.

  • Samaton (/saa-ma-ton/) or Samadon (/saa-ma-don/) is a mythical winged divine horse in Meitei mythology.
  • (1927 – May 10, 2016) (Tlingit name: "Duk saa.aat") was a Tlingit leader of the Raven "L’Uknax.ádi" (Coho clan) from the Frog House and "Wooshkeetaan yadi" who played a prominent role in the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA).
  • 2. Sooree a saa kayo (Call of Gallows), Collection of 8 one Act Plays, 1972.
  • Singh's short story collections "Parinde ka Intezaar saa Kuchh" and "Jinki Muthhiyon me Surakh Thaa" have been praised by literary critics.
  • the imperfect forms of "*saa-" "to receive", "*söö-" "to eat" were "*sai", "*söi".

  • His last film was in the 1943 romantic comedy "Vi kunde ha' det saa rart", opposite Bodil Kjer.
  • 4th album "Se on päätetty" was released in 2009 and singles "Nyt saa juhlia taas" and Tänään räjähtää.
  • She is most commonly known as a hymnwriter and associated with the Christmas carol, "Jeg er saa glad hver Julekveld".
  • However, in repeating the same facts in Swahili, one would state that the events occurred at "saa mbili" ('two hours').
  • They then stack hands on top of each other's wrists with their wrist on top and shout the words "saa" "boo" "three" in a very loud voice and players can now choose to either keep their hands in the same position or can alter it by turning their palm side to face up.

  • In 2006 he played flute in the church service for Jens Chr Hauge—a rendition of traditional folk tune "Jeg lagde mig saa sildig".
  • He also participated in the qualifying of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 with a song called "Jos en sua saa" (translation: If I can't have you).
  • For example, "Søger, saa skulle I finde" "Seek, and ye shall find" (Matthew 7:7); in the 1992 translation "Søg, så skal I finde".
  • On October 1, she and Ishida Ayumi held a joint fanclub event titled Morning Musume '21 Ishida Ayumi & Sato Masaki FC Event ~Hiyoko ga 10-nen tattara, saa nani ni naru?
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