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space-charge field <SCF>
Raumladungs­feld {n}
Standing Committee for Feedings­tuffs <SCF>
Ständiger Futtermittelausschuss {m}
Standing Committee for Foodstuffs <SCF>
Ständiger Lebensmittelausschuss {m}
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  • The gas/oil ratio (GOR) is the ratio of the volume of gas ("scf") that comes out of solution to the volume of oil — at standard conditions.
  • 1 Nm3 of any gas (measured at 0 °C and 1 atmosphere of absolute pressure) equals 37.326 scf of that gas (measured at 60 °F and 1 atmosphere of absolute pressure).
  • A standard cubic foot (scf) is a unit used both in the natural gas industry to represent an amount of natural gas and in other industries where other gases are used.
  • Mutations make c-KITfunction independent of activation by "scf", leading to a high cell division rate and possibly genomic instability.
  • In addition to assemblers (assembler "5.3 scf" and editor/assembler "EDAS") there are high-level languages such as Tiny BASIC, "KC-BASIC" ], BASICODE, Forth and Pascal available.

  • In 2011, Saudi Aramco started production from the Karan Gas Field, with an output of more than 400 million scf per day.
  • Estimated recoverable reserves are 600 billion scf and [...] of condensate.
  • Initial CO2 injection rates in the Weyburn field amounted to ~5,000 tonnes/day or 95 million scf/day (2.7 million m3/d); this would otherwise have been vented to the atmosphere from the Dakota Gasification facility.
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