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NOUN   Sf | Sfs
sforzando <sf, sfz>
Sforzando {n} [plötzliche Betonung]
sforzato <sf, sfz>
Sforzato {n} [plötzliche Betonung]
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safety factor <SF>Sicherheitsfaktor {m} <SF>
safety factor <SF>
Sicherheitszahl {f}
scatter factor <SF>
Streufaktor {m} <SF>
scattering factor <SF>
Streufaktor {m} <SF>
science fiction <Scifi, Sci Fi, SF>Sciencefiction {f} <Sci-Fi, SciFi, SF>
science fiction <Scifi, Sci Fi, SF>Science-Fiction {f} <Sci-Fi, SciFi, SF>
serum ferritin <SF>
Serum-Ferritin {n} <SF>
solidarity fund <SF>
Solidaritätsfonds {m} <SF>
spatial filter <SF>
Ortsfilter {m}
spatial frequency <SF>Ortsfrequenz {f}
speech frequency <SF>
Sprachfrequenz {f} <SF>
standard frequency <SF>
Eichfrequenz {f}
standard frequency <SF>
Normalfrequenz {f}
supraorbital foramen <SF> [Foramen supraorbitale]
Foramen supraorbitale {n}
survival function <SF>
Survivalfunktion {f}
survivor function <SF>
Survivorfunktion {f}
4 Wörter
favorite science fiction writer [Am.] <favorite SF writer>
Lieblings­-Science-Fiction-Autor {m} <Lieblings­-SF-Autor>
favourite science fiction writer [Br.] <favourite SF writer>
Lieblings­-Science-Fiction-Autor {m} <Lieblings­-SF-Autor>
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  • Schwingfestigkeit {f} <SF> = fatigue behaviour [Br.] <FB>
  • Sciencefiction {f} <Sci-Fi, SciFi, SF> = science fiction <Scifi, Sci Fi, SF>
  • Sicherheitsfaktor {m} <SF> = safety factor <SF>
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  • In 1950, science fiction (sf) magazines had been published successfully in North America for over twenty years, but little progress had been made in establishing British equivalents.
  • In 1970, Rederi Ab Ålandsfärjan changed its name to SF Line, 'S' referring to Sverige (Sweden) and 'F' to Finland.
  • He has been a regular poster on the Usenet groups alt.sex, rec.arts.sf.written, rec.arts.sf.composition and alt.atheism, and is listed on the Net.Legends FAQ.
  • arts.sf.* in the 1990s. Since July 2000 he wrote a blog, "Electrolite", until it was incorporated into his wife's blog "Making Light" in May 2005, where he now writes along with her, SF writer James D.
  • The present area open for tours is the launch area, SF-88L.

  • Ulrich Pfeifer and Norbert Gövert of the computer science department of the University of Dortmund extended the CNIDR freeWAIS code to become freeWAIS-sf with structured fields as its main improvement.
  • Brian Stableford declared it to be the "leading sf site in the United Kingdom", and SF Signal called it "informative and insightful".
  • The sf.citi Board of Directors includes representatives from San Francisco's technology and business/nonprofit industries.
  • Cambridge Discovery Park is master-planned and permitted for 820,000 sf and is being developed in phases.
  • Assume α is a finite execution fragment of A ending with state sf.

  • The CHS Thespians have advanced to the State One Act Play Meet three times (2006, 2010, and 2013), placing 2nd in 2010 (sf Paganini by Don Nigro) and 5th in 2013 (sf Maelstrom by Don Nigro).
  • At "SF Signal", John Nardo considered "Inertia" to be "everything short fiction could and should be: thought-provoking, based on a cool sf-nal idea and wholly entertaining," declaring it to be "simultaneously grim and deep and wonderful", and awarding it five stars out of five.
  • The "Région Fortifiée de la Sarre" ("Fortified Region of the Sarre") was briefly created, encompassing the SF Sarre and the neighboring Fortified Sector of Rohrbach.
  • Around the time the SF anthology market was bottoming out, Elwood moved on to Laser Books, an ultimately unsuccessful attempt by romance publishing giant Harlequin Books to systematize and regularize SF into a uniform series of novels by diverse authors.
  • Sinn Féin, remarkably successfully, instructed its supporters to vote IPP in Armagh South, despite no Unionist candidate (79 SF votes), Down South (33 SF votes for Éamon de Valera), Tyrone North-East (56 SF votes) and Donegal East (46 SF votes).

  • Bruce Gillespie (born 1947) is a prominent Australian science fiction fan best known for his long-running sf fanzine "SF Commentary".
  • Sterling later described it in an article originally published in "SF Eye" #5, in July 1989, as "a kind of writing which simply makes you feel very strange; the way that living in the twentieth century makes you feel, if you are a person of a certain sensibility."
  • Amtrak began the Oakland–Bakersfield "San Joaquins" on March 5, 1974.
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