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Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia <SFR Yugoslavia, SFRY>
Sozialistische Föderative Republik {f} Jugoslawien <SFR Jugoslawien, SFRJ>
Jugoslawien {n}
former Yugoslavia
ehemaliges Jugoslawien {n}
former Yugoslavia
Ex-Jugoslawien {n}
breakup of Yugoslavia
Zerfall {m} Jugoslawiens
star formation rate <SFR>
Sternentstehungs­rate {f}
star formation rate <SFR>
Sternbildungs­rate {f}
screen failure rate <SFR>
Screen-Failure-Rate {f} [Ausschlussrate wegen nicht erfüllter Kriterien zur Teilnahme an einer klinischen Studie (Proband, Patient)]
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia <FRY>
Bundesrepublik {f} Jugoslawien
sodium-cooled fast reactor <SFR>
natriumgekühlter schneller Reaktor {m}
screen-film radiography <SFR> [less common for conventional radiography]
konventionelles Röntgen {n} [Radiografie]
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  • Cutugno also won the Eurovision Song Contest 1990 held in Zagreb, Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia with the song "Insieme: 1992", for which he wrote both lyrics and music.
  • Before the 1991 Breakup, SFR Yugoslavia had four official languages—Serbo-Croatian, Albanian, Macedonian, and Slovene.
  • Zakrajšek was born in Ljubljana, SFR Yugoslavia (today Slovenia).
  • For years they stood as one of the most popular bands in SFR Yugoslavia.
  • In SFR Yugoslavia, the municipalities were generally larger, and the Vukovar municipality spanned the region from Vera and Borovo in the north, Ilok in the east and Tovarnik in the south, but it has since been divided into several municipalities.

  • In 1998, the Bosniak Institute published SFR Yugoslavia's final "List of war victims from the Jasenovac camp" (created in 1992).
  • The PRG maintained diplomatic relations with many countries of the Non-Aligned Movement, such as Algeria and SFR Yugoslavia as well as with the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China.
  • Under communism Dubrovnik became part of SR Croatia within SFR Yugoslavia.
  • In 1946, most of Vardar Macedonia as one of the six constituent countries of SFR Yugoslavia became the People's Republic of Macedonia (1946–1963) then the Socialist Republic of Macedonia (1963–1991).
  • Mesić was a deputy in the Croatian Parliament in the 1960s, and was then absent from politics until 1990 when he joined the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), and was named President of the Executive Council (Prime Minister) of the Socialist Republic of Croatia (then still a constituent republic of the SFR Yugoslavia) after HDZ won the elections.

  • The country joined the Non-Aligned Movement in 1973 as the third European member state after Cyprus and SFR Yugoslavia.
  • Maja Tatić (...) (born October 30, 1970 in Belgrade, SFR Yugoslavia) is a Serbian Bosnian singer. She represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest.
  • After the constitutional amendments that allowed for multi-party elections in Croatia in 1990, the country was still a constituent republic of SFR Yugoslavia, the position of the President of the Executive Council of the Socialist Republic of Croatia was filled by Stjepan Mesić on 30 May 1990 (the 14th Executive Council).
  • Period of the existence of the SFR Yugoslavia was marked by significant development in the field of education.
  • After 1934 he worked in the private sector, and after 1945 in various institutions of SFR Yugoslavia.

  • As in the other constituents of SFR Yugoslavia, Christmas and other religious holidays were abolished by the communist government in the mid-1940s, with the New Year promoted as a secular holiday in the place of Saint Nicholas Day and Christmas.
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