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Saale glaciation
Saale-Vereisung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Saale glaciation' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Saale glaciation
Saale-Vereisung {f}geol.
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  • The Saale Glaciation occurred at around the same time as the Wolstonian Stage in the British Isles and the Illinoian Stage in North America.
  • The low ridge of the Westerberg an end moraine from the Saale glaciation period lies in the vicinity of Lamstedt's locality of Rahden.
  • It followed directly after the Elster glaciation and came before the Saale glaciation, during the Middle Pleistocene.
  • In the east of the Netherlands, remains are found of the Saale glaciation, which ended approximately 130,000 years ago.
  • From this geest ridge, a terminal moraine from the Saale glaciation, the "Giehler Bach" flows northeastwards and descends within a few kilometers between the villages of Hülseberg and Freißenbüttel to a height about 15 m above sea level (NN).
  • Pyvykha was formed as a result of a glacial system located here during the Dnieper Ice Age (corresponds to the Saale glaciation in northern Central Europe).
  • The sandhills, which in some places reach around hundred meters in height (Klever Berg (106 m)) and protrude more than sixty meters above the surrounding river terraces of the Lower Rhine, originated in the penultimate glacial period (the Saale glaciation) as terminal moraine ridges from glaciers advancing from the northeast.
  • as would be the Saale glaciation in Europe and the Illinoian glaciation in North America.
  • The Düben Heath is a terminal moraine landscape formed during the Saale glaciation (Plateau of Gräfenhainichen-Schmiedeberg) with predominantly sandy soils.
  • ridge of end moraine that falls away to the northwest and dates to the Drenthe stage of the Saale glaciation.
  • It is covered with mixed forest and, like the nearby Wingst ridge, it is an end moraine from the Saale glaciation period.
  • It is part of the geest ridge that runs westwards and was created as a so-called old moraine during the Saale glaciation and was subsequently shaped during the Weichselian glaciation.
  • A covering of boulder clay was deposited over the outwash sands during the Saale glaciation, or more precisely the Drenthe stage.
  • The river channel was formed, like the surrounding landscape, in the penultimate ice age, the Saale glaciation.
  • The underlying terrain mainly comprises loose morainic material from the Saale glaciation period with individual outcrops of older rock.
  • It was formed during the Saale glaciation about 230,000 to 130,000 years ago by the drainage of meltwater from the ice sheet which cut [...] deep into the plateaus of the southern Lüneburg Heath.
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