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Saalian {adj}
Saalian Stage
Saale-Eiszeit {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Saalian' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Saalian {adj}

Saalian Stage
Saale-Eiszeit {f}geol.
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  • The second megaflood occurred around 160,000 years ago during the Wolstonian/Saalian glaciation (MIS 6), after which Britain would be an island during periods of high sea level.
  • During the Saalian glaciation the whole region was ice-covered, now verified by lots of glacial erratic rocks from Scandinavia placed for decoration in the town area.
  • The community land formation was primary influenced by the Saalian Stage (Wolstonian Stage and Illinoian Stage are Equivalents) ice age, as well as pre and post glacial process.
  • ice wedge casts and thermokarst lakes, which developed by the surficial thawing during Eemian interglacial climates of Saalian ice-wedges and other permafrost.
  • It is largely forested and is not - like the Ankum Heights- part of a series of ice age terminal moraines from the latest event of the Saalian glaciation, the so-called Drenthe I stage, but is a ridge of Jurassic rock that was pushed up during the folding towards the end of the Cretaceous period.
  • These deposits formed between the Elster and Saalian ice advances, when the Elbe flowed northwards from the location of present-day Torgau and crossed the area of the Fläming which did not yet exist.
  • The region is part of the Saalian glaciation meltwater valley or "urstromtal".
  • Later during the Saalian Phase the sedimentary infill of these basins was strongly folded due to wrenching movements in the adjacent basement blocks.
  • is a geest region near the town of Cloppenburg in North Germany and the centre of the Saalian glaciation Upper Pleistocene terrain of the Ems-Hunte Geest region.
  • The basis of the terrain is largely formed from the moraines and meltwater deposits of the Saalian glaciation, the penultimate glaciation period of the pleistocene era.
  • The moor was formed in the northeastern half of a 4-kilometre-long depression enclosed by two parallel end moraines which were deposited during the Saalian glaciation.
  • The Harburg Hills are end moraines that were formed in the Saalian glaciation and Weichselian Ice Age. They are a popular recreation area.
  • It has a surface area of 50 square kilometers at the southeastern edge of the Veluwe, a complex of terminal push moraines from the Saalian glaciation.
  • It is also approximately analogous to the Warthe and Saalian stages in northern Europe; the Riss glaciation in the Alps; and the Illinoian Stage in North America.
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