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NOUN   Saami | proper noun
SYNO Lapp | Lapplander | Saame | ...
Saami {pl} (people) [spv.] [Sami, Sámi]
Samen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Saami' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Saami {pl} (people) [spv.] [Sami, Sámi]
Samen {pl}ethn.
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  • Since NATO EPVAT uses technically differing proof test standards than SAAMI and C.I.P. do, EPVAT pressures cannot be directly compared with SAAMI and C.I.P. pressures.
  • The Saami Council consists of 15 members from the member organizations.
  • is the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI) although operating differently.
  • Boknafisk (either from saami "boahkkeguolli" or Norwegian "bokna" "half dry") is a variant of stockfish and is unsalted fish partially dried by sun and wind on drying flakes ('hjell') or on a wall.
  • Napakivi may have some cultural connection with saami seids or central European and great British megaliths, although it has not been demonstrated with any scientific rigour.

  • Kati-Claudia Fofonoff (8 December 1947 in Ivalo – 12 June 2011) was a Skolt Saami author and translator who wrote in Skolt Saami and Finnish.
  • In the scene before the credits, a scene is shown where Saami is having a chat with the boy who committed the murder.
  • SAAMI have listed the .416 Rigby, and there are no discrepancies between SAAMI and C.I.P.
  • In 1993, the SAAMI also independently standardized the cartridge as "6.5×55mm Swedish", with the official SAAMI abbreviation being "6.5×55".
  • Once popular enough, funding is generated for SAAMI standards development.

  • Inger Gunhild Maria "Inghilda" Tapio (née Valkeapää, born February 1946 in Gárasavvon, Sweden) is a Saami author, poet, translator, and actress. She writes in both Northern Saami and Swedish.
  • A current list of member companies can be found at https://saami.org/membership/member-companies/.
  • The last song "tora sundor saami paabi" (you all will get handsome husbands) is a Bengali pre-marriage folk song and was given to Salil by Nirmalaendu Chowdhury (a famous Bengali folk singer).
  • In 1994, Vinogradova and Elvira Galkina won the first ever Saami Council Literature Prize together but for separate Kildin Saami books that were later translated into Northern Saami and published as bilingual Kildin Saami-Northern Saami books.
  • The chapter also examines how the changes to the low vowels "ā", "ō" and "ǣ" which marked the divergence of both North Germanic and West Germanic from Common Germanic have surprising parallels in the development of the Saami languages.

  • In addition to the parliaments and their common council, there is a Saami Council based on Saami organizations.
  • Rantala often had to work as a translator, when the civil servants in Finnish Lapland did not know Saami.
  • The population is mostly of Finnish ancestry, but some saami elements has it presence within the village.
  • The "rova" part in the name Rovaniemi has often been considered to be of Saami origin, as " [...] " in Northern Saami denotes a forested ridge or hill or the site of an old forest fire.
  • The People's Federation of the Saami or the Saami Peoples Union ([...] , [...]) is an organization for the Sami people in Norway.

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