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NOUN   the Saar Protectorate | -
Saar Protectorate
Saarprotektorat {n}
Saar Loop
Saarschleife {f}
(River) Saar [Br. usage]
Saar {f}
protectorateSchirmherrschaft {f}
Schutzherrschaft {f}
protectorateSchutzgebiet {n}
Protektorat {n}
Territory of the Saar Basin [the Saar]
Saargebiet {n} [1920 - 1935]
former British protectorate
ehemaliges britisches Protektorat {n}
former British protectorate
früheres britisches Protektorat {n}
Saar bows [the great and small Saar River loops]
Saarschleifen {pl}
Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia
Protektorat {n} Böhmen und Mähren
Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia
Reichsprotektorat {n} Böhmen und Mähren
protectorate [of responsibility of a Vogt]
Vogtei {f}
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  • From 18 July 1946 to 6 June 1947 Onsdorf, in its then municipal boundary, formed part of the Saar Protectorate.
  • 8, twenty-four more villages were ceded to the new "Délégation Supérieure de la Sarre", which became the new Saar Protectorate in 1947.
  • In the 20th century, Saarbrücken was twice separated from Germany: from 1920 to 1935 as capital of the Territory of the Saar Basin and from 1947 to 1956 as capital of the Saar Protectorate.
  • In 1955, the inhabitants of the French-administered Saar Protectorate voted to join West Germany.
  • From 18 July 1946 until 6 June 1947 Konz, in its then municipal boundary, formed part of the Saar Protectorate.

  • One of the Hungarian prison guards had seen Walter playing for Germany, and told them that Fritz was not German but from the Saar Protectorate.
  • This was the first West German federal election to take place in the Saarland, which – as Saar protectorate – had been a separate entity under French control between 1946 and 1956.
  • The longwave transmitter traces its existence to the special state of the Saar Protectorate in the 1950s: Occupied by France in 1946, the French military authorities allowed the people to organize elections and govern themselves, becoming a Protectorate using the French Franc as money.
  • Its preamble stated the obligation to achieve German unity and the draft also provided for the accession of "other parts of Germany", as it was applied to the joining of the former Saar Protectorate in 1957 and German reunification in 1990.
  • The former Territory of the Saar Basin was reinstated and expanded to create the French Saar Protectorate, which returned to Germany in 1956 as the modern state of Saarland.

  • The French established the Saar Protectorate in December 1947.
  • Following World War II, the French military administration in Allied-occupied Germany organized the territory as the Saar Protectorate on 16 February 1946.
  • In June 1947, the French occupying force in the Saar Protectorate introduced the Saar mark, which was at par with the [...] and the [...]. In November 1947, it was replaced by the Saar franc.
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