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Southern Ural
Südural {m}
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Southern Ural
Südural {m}geogr.
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  • The Museum of History of the Southern Ural Railway hosts more than 30 exhibits of equipment used on the railway after its opening in Chelyabinsk in 1892.
  • The wood warbler ("Phylloscopus sibilatrix") is a common and widespread leaf warbler which breeds throughout northern and temperate Europe, and just into the extreme west of Asian Russia in the southern Ural Mountains.
  • It rises in the southern Ural Mountains east of the headwaters of the Ural between Chelyabinsk and Magnitogorsk and flows east with many meanders past Troitsk to meet the Tobol near Zverinogolovskoye (formerly the fort of Ust-Uysk).
  • This mineral from Miass in the southern Ural Mountains was documented by Gustav Rose.
  • The descriptions have been interpreted as being of reindeer living in the southern Ural Mountains in c.
  • Recent mineralogical studies performed on the objects indicate at least three geographically disparate origins for the gold ore itself: the Southern Ural Mountains, Nubia (Sudan), and Persia.
  • It may have survived the last glacial maximum, in refugia near the southern Ural Mountains and Aegean Sea.
  • A global reference profile for the base (a GSSP), located in the southern Ural Mountains, Russia, was ratified in 2018.
  • The Bashkirian was named after Bashkiria, the then Russian name of the republic of Bashkortostan in the southern Ural Mountains of Russia, home of the Bashkir people.
  • The Asselian is named after the Assel River in the southern Ural Mountains of Kazakhstan and Bashkortostan.
  • The Artinskian is named after the small Russian city of Arti (formerly "Artinsk"), situated in the southern Ural mountains, about 200 km southwest of Yekaterinburg.
  • 2300–1850 BC, archaeological culture found in the valleys of the Volga and Kama River north of the Samara bend and into the southern Ural Mountains.
  • They are considered to be a continuation of Ural Mountains and connected with Southern Ural by Guberlin Mountains (Губерлинские горы).
  • Orsk was founded (as Orenburg) in 1735 in the process of the Russian colonization of Bashkiria and the Southern Ural region.
  • Samarskite was first described in 1847 for an occurrence in Miass, Ilmen Mountains, Southern Ural Mountains of Russia.
  • The relief of the Southern Ural is more complex, with numerous valleys and parallel ridges directed south-west and meridionally.
  • Additional units that were under discussion at different points in time include "Reichskommissariat Don-Wolga" but, by the second half of May 1941, the number of administrative units that were to be established in the east was limited to four; as well as a "Reichskommissariat Ural" for the central and southern Ural region.
  • It rises in the southern Ural Mountains about [...] west-southwest of Magnitogorsk and flows south through a valley with some canyon development.
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