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NOUN   stoic | stoics
stoicsStoiker {pl}
Stoics {pl} [collectively]
Stoa {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Stoics' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Stoiker {pl}
Stoics {pl} [collectively]
Stoa {f}hist.philos.
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  • The Greek Stoics use the word "apatheia" or "ataraxia" whereas the Roman Stoics used the Latin word "aequanimitas".
  • Despite his active interest for phenomenology as a student, Schottlaender referred more to the stoics and to Baruch Spinoza, in whose spirit he left Judaism in 1921.
  • He was influenced by Émile Benveniste, Gustave Guillaume, and the Stoics.
  • The Stoics taught that all men were manifestations of the same universal spirit, and thus by nature equal.
  • Greek thinkers such as stoic philosopher Epictetus and Seneca advised against worry. Albert Ellis, the creator of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, was inspired by the Stoics’ therapeutic ideas.

  • The Stoics developed many basic notions that today are the rudiments of linguistics.
  • Although George Lyman Kittredge states that "the Stoics held that suicide is cowardly and wrong," the most famous stoics—Seneca the Younger, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius—maintain that death by one's own hand is always an option and frequently more honorable than a life of protracted misery.
  • The Cyrenaics developed the spiritual practice of negative visualization, which was later adopted by the Stoics.
  • Plato and the Stoics had made perfection a philosophical watchword. Soon it would be transformed, in Christianity, into a religious one.
  • The Stoics believed it to be the only vital force in the universe.

  • phrases containing transitive verbs, were first recognized by the stoics and from the Peripatetic school, but they probably referred to the whole phrase containing the transitive verb, not just to the verb.
  • 5. "The Stoics" (ed.) (University of California Press, 1978).
  • He divided moralists into Stoics and Epicurean, identifying with the Stoics and their attention to the common good.
  • To the Stoics, logic was a wide field of knowledge which included the study of language, grammar, rhetoric and epistemology.
  • The roots of this idea can be found within the Greek philosophy of the Stoics and Neoplatonism.

  • Here Cicero introduces the technical terms used by the Stoics into Latin.
  • Although propositional logic (which is interchangeable with propositional calculus) had been hinted by earlier philosophers, it was developed into a formal logic (Stoic logic) by Chrysippus in the 3rd century BC and expanded by his successor Stoics.
  • The Stoics propounded that knowledge can be attained through the use of reason.
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