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Streltsy {pl}
Strelizen {pl} [auch: Strelitzen]
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Übersetzung für 'Streltsy' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Streltsy {pl}
Strelizen {pl} [auch: Strelitzen]hist.mil.spec.
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  • Russian tsars before Peter the Great maintained professional hereditary musketeer corps known as "streltsy".
  • They also filed an extract from a book "Ukrainskie sechevye streltsy" that was published in Lwow in 1935 mentioning about the stay of William at the Ukraine's south in 1918.
  • The supporters of the old faith played an important role in the Moscow uprising of 1682, and the Old Believers gained support among the "streltsy" (praetorian guard).
  • For many years the streltsy fortress was the only building in the area.
  • Peter ordered the construction of the tower to commemorate his triumph over his half-sister Sofia in 1689, after the Streltsy uprising had been crushed.

  • It was standard equipment for the Russian "streltsy" (literally "shooters") corps (foot, mounted and dragoons) and also for the Polish infantry (a shorter version invented by King John III Sobieski).
  • Each regiment incorporated several military units, including streltsy, reiters, dragoons, and other types of soldiers.
  • Grigory Prokofyevich Miloslavsky (d. after 1616) was the head of streltsy at Kursk.
  • Initially, an outpost of Russian streltsy was located on the site of the modern district.
  • Gradually, the streltsy were incorporated into the regular army.

  • In the 17th century, "polkovnik" became the position of a regimental commander of the "streltsy"; this position also made it into New Regiments of the "streltsy" and later into the new army of Peter the Great.
  • Liquidation of most streltsy units was finally finished in the 1720s; however, the Municipal Streltsy were kept in some cities until the late 18th century.
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