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T-Konto {n}
Don't put yourself out on my account. Machen Sie sich meinetwegen nur keine Umstände. [Redewendung]
Don't trouble yourself on my account. Machen Sie meinetwegen keine Umstände. [Redewendung]
Please don't put yourself to any bother on my account.Machen Sie meinetwegen keine Umstände.
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  • However, others found that this theory didn't account for different people in similarly helpless situations having differing levels of depression.
  • Even then Gurke must have followed Rooks with a 25-day gap and the purely analytical approach can't account for that.
  • He said, "if the press release says it's faster and rockier it doesn't account for the fact that there are more ballads on this record than any other record."
  • When asked questions about frequency, people often answer using phrases like "all the time" and "everyday" and therefore don't account for exceptions.
  • A dynamic pricing tool can make it easier to update prices, but will not make the updates often if the user doesn't account for external information like competitor market prices.
  • Allophones, which phonemic systems don't account for, may be important in the process of interference and interlingual identifications.
  • The Shockely equation is a constant current relationship, and thus doesn't account for a diode's transient response, which includes the influence of its internal junction and diffusion capacitance and reverse recovery time.
  • The rendering equation doesn't account for all lighting phenomena, but instead acts as a general lighting model for computer-generated imagery.
  • Note that for real code, the use of "wait(dt)" might be inappropriate because it doesn't account for time taken by the algorithm itself during the loop, or more importantly, any preemption delaying the algorithm.
  • Romero later said of "Mad Doctor": "We thought it was one of the worst things we ever did... I can't account for it film's impact".
  • Using the 'T' account system, there will be a debit in the Loss on Impairment account and a credit in the Investment account. This will mean the double-entry bookkeeping principle is satisfied.
  • However, they don't account for the fact that students in charter schools are self-selecting.
  • It also doesn't account for the merge of the championships from 2022.
  • Print speed doesn't account for much if a large portion is being thrown away as waste due to incompatibility of media, ink, treatment or lack of know-how.
  • Wemple noted that T Magazine appended italicized text at the bottom of Arrillaga-Andreessen's article stating there had been "new developments involving Theranos"," but didn't account for the discrepancy between Needleman's heralding of Holmes, in a letter to readers that appeared in the issue, as a "brilliant" entrepreneur who "has already had an enormous impact" and the lack of any "tagline informing readers that Holmes has gone poof."
  • At first, iPhones could not be added to an AT&T Business account, and any existing business account discounts could not be applied to an iPhone AT&T account.
  • Other companies are renting from the facility, including Alorica, which absorbed a number of Gateway phone jobs. They are handling the AT&T account.
  • Drawing and writing are example of these limitations; a traditional pointer is limited by two dimensions, and consequently doesn't account for the pressure applied when using a physical writing utility.
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