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NOUN   a T-section | T-sections
T-Profil {n}
double-T section
Doppel-T-Profil {n}
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Übersetzung für 'T section' von Englisch nach Deutsch

T-Profil {n}tech.

double-T section
Doppel-T-Profil {n}tech.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Thirty supporting ribs were then made from T-section aluminium, and 120 sheets of aluminium all individually cut and shaped by hand were fixed to the structure by over 5,000 rivets, each of which was drilled and punched by hand.
  • Wallace devised an innovative method of constructing reinforced concrete bridges using T-section pre-cast concrete beams carried on reinforced concrete piers.
  • Meanwhile, in May 1831, the first flanged T rail (also called T-section) arrived in America from Britain and was laid into the Pennsylvania Railroad by Camden and Amboy Railroad.
  • The balance is achieved in the same way as a balanced full bridged T section by placing half of the series impedance in, what was, the common conductor.
  • narrow gauge and was built using wrought iron T section rails.
  • At this early date the technology of rail configuration had not matured, but John Birkinshaw had secured a patent in 1820 for a T-section fish-bellied edge rail of malleable iron.
  • T-section shaped stiffeners can be seen running vertically down the sides of the girders at the bearing ends.
  • Internally there is a large anti-ricochet wall that runs the length of the chamber with a T section at the front end but not the rear.
  • Both the T-section (from ladder topology) and the bridge-T (from Zobel topology) can be transformed into a lattice topology filter section but in both cases this results in high component count and complexity.
  • The line was very lightly engineered, with light T-section rails on stone blocks.
  • T. section is dedicated to news of technological advancement and electronic products, including mobile phones, computers, television and much more.
  • The cone in the −"t" region is the information that the point is "receiving", while the cone in the +"t" section is the information that the point is "sending".
  • These were T-section edge rails, three feet long and laid on transverse stone sleepers.
  • When the needle point is combined with a reinforced 'T' section running the length of the blade's spine, it is called a "reinforced tip".
  • As re-circumscribed, "Tibouchina" is monophyletic and contains species belonging to the traditional sections "T."
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