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NOUN   a T-shirt gun | T-shirt guns
T-shirt gunT-Shirt-Kanone {f}
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Übersetzung für 'T shirt gun' von Englisch nach Deutsch

T-shirt gun
T-Shirt-Kanone {f}
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  • Odadjian's involvement in the arts began at an early age, as he first appeared in the 1993 "Big Gun" video by AC/DC, standing alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the crowd sporting a backwards baseball cap and a white T-shirt, while Schwarzenegger catches a stick of dynamite.
  • A t-shirt with the Top Gun version of the insignia was worn by Antonio, the busboy, in Seinfeld s02e12 “The Busboy”.
  • "A t-shirt with a picture of a stick figure pointing a gun at another stick figure bleeding from the head", and a sweatshirt that protests for the release of members who were jailed recently.
  • Milonov was recognized as an extremist after posting a picture in which he appeared with a gun and a T-shirt with extremist writings .
  • consisting of either a plain T-shirt or henley, jeans, and a gun holster on his back.
  • In the video Joe Strummer wore a H Block t-shirt in support of the campaign for political status for Irish Republican prisoners.
  • After a culmination of questions, he decided to design a t-shirt that read, "Stop staring.
  • Some of the leading experts in the country on bloodstain pattern analysis analyzed the bloodstains on David’s T-shirt.
  • Another derringer was carried as a sleeve gun under his right shirt sleeve, and the third was broken into two parts with the barrel-chamber assembly hidden in the hollowed out heel of one boot and the frame hidden in the heel of the other.
  • All three contestants receive $100 and either a T-shirt or a "beer koozie sweatshirt" (a sweatshirt with a pocket for a beer bottle on the front), although only the winner receives his $100 in the form of a giant check.
  • You also find a shirt stained with blood and a gun kept in a locked cabinet, and he insists he’s innocent.
  • At one point, she makes him an Indian-styled outfit after his shirt had been ruined.
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