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NOUN   a T-tubule | T-tubules
T-Tubulus {m}
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T-Tubulus {m}biochem.
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  • A T-tubule surrounded by two terminal cisternae is called a triad.
  • For example, a leading cause of heart failure can be attributed to the lack of t- tubule and sarcoplasmic reticulum junctions or a decreased distance between the structures.
  • In the histology of skeletal muscle, a triad is the structure formed by a T tubule with a sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) known as the terminal cisterna on either side.
  • A ubiquitous splice form of amphiphysin-2 (BIN1) that does not contain clathrin or adaptor interactions is highly expressed in muscle tissue and is involved in the formation and stabilization of the T-tubule network.
  • The shape of the T-tubule system is produced and maintained by a variety of proteins.
  • L-type channels are more common and are most densely populated within the t-tubule membrane of ventricular cells, whereas the T-type channels are found mainly within atrial and pacemaker cells, but still to a lesser degree than L-type channels.
  • Potassium builds up in the t-tubule system and around the muscle fiber as a result of action potentials.
  • The T-tubule is present in this area. The area between the Z-discs is further divided into two lighter colored bands at either end called the I-bands or Isotropic Bands, and a darker, grayish band in the middle called the A band or Anisotropic Bands.
  • In between two terminal cisternae is a tubular infolding called a transverse tubule (T tubule).
  • Using confocal microscopy in conjunction with ANNINE-6plus, single sweep action potentials with high peak signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) have been recorded from single transverse tubule (t-tubule) of a few micrometers in the ventricular cardiomyocyte.
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