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T2 space [Hausdorff space]
Hausdorff'scher Raum {m}
second thoracic vertebra <2rd thoracic vertebra, T2 vertebra, T2> [Vertebra thoracica II]
zweiter Brustwirbel {m} <2. Brustwirbel, Th2, Th 2>
T2-weighted image <T2WI>
T2-gewichtete Aufnahme {f} [Ergebnis]
T2-weighted sequence
T2-gewichtete Sequenz {f}
second-order lag element <2nd order lag element, P-T2 element>
Verzögerungs­glied {n} zweiter Ordnung <Verzögerungs­glied 2. Ordnung, P-T2-Glied>
T2 Trainspotting [Danny Boyle]
T2 Trainspotting
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  • zeitversetzte Behandlung {f} <SK II, T2> [Kennfarbe gelb] = delayed care <T II> [color of triage: yellow]
  • T2-gewichtete Aufnahme {f} [Ergebnis] = T2-weighted image <T2WI>
  • T2-gewichtete Sequenz {f} = T2-weighted sequence
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  • His best known contribution to the field is his proof that the Ramsey number R(3,t) has asymptotic order of magnitude t2/log t.
  • This can happen by the insertion of Y itself or a height increase of one of its subtrees t2 or t3 (with the consequence that they are of different height) or by a height decrease of subtree t1.
  • A pressure pad can be used to measure the time it takes for an athlete to complete a jump, and then using a kinematics equation (h = g × t2/2), the computer can calculate their vertical jump based on the time in the air.
  • It consists of a single RF pulse (p1) followed by the specific evolution time (t1) followed by a second pulse (p2) followed by a measurement period (t2).
  • The Fourier transform of C4 (t1, t2, t3) (fourth-order cumulant-generating function) is called the trispectrum or trispectral density.

  • The rare d5 low-spin configuration in a tetrahedral ligand field is possible because the ligand is so strongly "σ"-donating that the gap between the e und t2 orbitals is raised sufficiently to overcome the spin pairing energy.
  • The defendant (sender of messages) has two types: t1 and t2.
  • Where t1 is the tens unit of the original larger number (75) and t2 is the tens unit of the original smaller number (35).
  • A more recent proposal uses a simple power equation, Toxicity Index (TI) = t2 × PO2c, where t is time and c is the power term.
  • "N = N* = 3:" "t0 = 0, t1 = 2/15, t2 = 7/15, t3 = 1"; "a1 = 1/15, a2 = 3/10 = 0.3, a3 = 11/15".

  • The polynomials "s'n"("x") form the associated Sheffer sequence for –2"t"/(1–t2) [...].
  • In contrast, the "integrally closed" does not pass over quotient, for Z[...]/(t2+4) is not integrally closed.
  • Removing the node on the end of the 2-length branch leaves the birectified 6-orthoplex in its alternated form: t2(311), [...].
  • Removing the ring on the either 2-length branch leaves the birectified 5-orthoplex in its alternated form: t2(211), [...].
  • "/"("t2"), the dual numbers for "K"; in the parlance of schemes, morphisms from "Spec" "K"[...]"/"("t2") to a scheme "X" over "K" correspond to a choice of a rational point "x ∈ X(k)" and an element of the tangent space at "x".

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