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seventh thoracic vertebra <7th thoracic vertebra, T7 vertebra, T7> [Vertebra thoracica VII]
siebter Brustwirbel {m} <7. Brustwirbel, Th7, Th 7>
T7 RNA polymerase
T7-RNA-Polymerase {f}
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  • T7-RNA-Polymerase {f} = T7 RNA polymerase
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  • T5, T7, T8, etc. The engines with T5 had red direct ignition modules which differentiated them visually from the T7 models which had a black ignition module.
  • The disadvantage of using T7 is that the size of the protein that can be expressed on the surface is limited to shorter peptides because large changes to the T7 genome cannot be accommodated like it is in M13 where the phage just makes its coat longer to fit the larger genome within it.
  • Richardson's most highly-cited accomplishment was made while working with bacteriophage T7 RNA polymerase in 1985.
  • The 155mm L/41 T7 was an American rifled tank gun developed in 1945.
  • Upon infection with the bacteriophage T7, "E. coli" thioredoxin forms a complex with T7 DNA polymerase, which results in enhanced T7 DNA replication, a crucial step for successful T7 infection.

  • T7 exonuclease is added which uses the nicks in the DNA molecules to expand the gaps in a 5'–3' direction.
  • While phage T7 mediates DNA replication in very similar manner to higher organisms, T7 system is generally simpler compared to other replication systems.
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