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till forbid {adv} <TF>
bis zur Stornierung
until forbid {adv} <TF>
bis zur Stornierung
task force <TF>
Taskforce {f} <TF>
task force <TF>
Task-Force {f} <TF>
technical file <TF>
technische Dokumentation {f} [auch Technical File {n}]
technology forecast <TF>
Technologieprognose {f}
testicular feminization <TF>
testikuläre Feminisierung {f} <TF>
thermal fatigue <TF>
thermische Ermüdung {f}
tissue factor <TF>
Gewebefaktor {m}
transcription factor <TF>
Transkriptionsfaktor {m} <TF>
transmission factor <TF>
Übertragungs­faktor {m}
transmission factor <TF>
Transmissionsfaktor {m} <TF>
typhoid fever <TF>
typhoides Fieber {n}
3 Wörter
French Southern Territories <.tf>
Französische Gebiete {pl} im südlichen Indischen Ozean
threshold of feeling <TF>
Fühlschwelle {f} <FS>
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  • Taskforce {f} <TF> = task force <TF>
  • Transferrinsättigung {f} <TFS, TfS, Tf-Sat> [auch: Transferrin-Sättigung] = transferrin saturation <TSAT>
  • Transkriptionsfaktor {m} <TF> = transcription factor <TF>
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The Hertfordshire Yeomanry was attached for training to the TF's Eastern Mounted Brigade.
  • This is a method similar to tf-idf but it deals with finding keywords suitable for information retrieval and ones that are not. Please refer to Vector Space Model first.
  • A number of term-weighting schemes have derived from tf–idf.
  • ... relative frequency/proportions) and tf-idf.
  • The .tf domain-name has popular usage for sites related to the game "Team Fortress 2" ("TF2").

  • .re is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Réunion (a French island located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar). Along with .fr, .tf, and .ovh, it is administered by AFNIC.
  • When the TF was reconstituted on 7 February 1920, the Essex Heavy Bty was reformed at Stratford as a battery of 11th (Essex and Suffolk) Medium Brigade, RGA, which was headquartered in Ipswich.
  • The two TF battalions of the Royal Sussex (4th and 5th) were not included in the Home Counties Division, but were attached to it as 'Army Troops'.
  • The tonne-force (tf or tf) is equal to the weight of one tonne.
  • Later this idea was abandoned and on January 8, 2015 then-Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu announced that the TF-X program will be a completely independent domestic platform, not in partnership with Korea, Sweden, Brazil or Indonesia.

  • The KRE-075 engine was developed in April 2016 after the 30 tf engine development program.
  • With large linguistic corpora available today, the tf–idf value which originated in information retrieval, can be successfully applied to identify the key words of a text: If for example the word "cat" occurs significantly more often in the text to be summarized (TF = "term frequency") than in the corpus (IDF means "inverse document frequency"; here the corpus is meant by "document"), then "cat" is likely to be an important word of the text; the text may in fact be a text about cats.
  • 1. V2&=sx:w.q't. s'.s' pr.np'. D5^Q5=V2&=zn.t'.z* P4&^D1>>tf.p*.o.
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