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tangent <tan, tg>
Tangens {m} <tan, tg>
Togo <.tg>
Togo {n}
thermogravimetry <TG>
Thermogravimetrie {f} <TG>
thyroglobulin <Tg>
Thyreoglobulin {n} <TG>
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Togolese Republic <.tg>
Togolesische Republik {f}
Togolese Republic <.tg>
Republik {f} Togo
transgingival implant <TG implant>
transgingivales Implantat {n} <TG-Implantat>
trigeminal ganglion <TG> [Ganglion trigeminale]
Gasser-Ganglion {n}
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Canton of Thurgovia <TG>
Kanton {m} Thurgau <TG>
4 Wörter
Tarski-Grothendieck set theory <TG, TG set theory>
Tarski-Grothendieck-Mengenlehre {f} <TG>
tongue and groove joint <TG, T&G> [also: tongue-and-groove joint]
Nut-Feder-Verbindung {f}
tongue and groove joint <TG, T&G> [also: tongue-and-groove joint]
Nut- und Federverbindung {f}
tongued and grooved joint <TG, T&G> [also: tongue-and-groove joint]
Nut- und Federverbindung {f}
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  • Tangens {m} <tan, tg> = tangent <tan, tg>
  • Thermogravimetrie {f} <TG> = thermogravimetry <TG>
  • Thyreoglobulin {n} <TG> = thyroglobulin <Tg>
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  • John's wort on APP-tg mice, an extract of St. John's wort that contained decreased levels of hyperforin increased the activity of ABCC1 by 70 percent and led to decreased amounts of β-amyloid in the brain and increased cognitive function in the mice.
  • If both phases are amorphous then two Tg will be observed if the material exists as two phases.
  • In 2007 the Air Force Academy began retiring the TG-10D sailplanes in favor of the newer high-performance gliders, the Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus and Discus 2b, designated the TG-15A (tandem two-seater) and TG-15B (single seat).
  • In 1895 the Theosophical Society was divided into the TG Adyar (with Henry Steel Olcott) and the TG in America (with William Quan Judge).
  • 3 series the framework has been experimenting with a so-called "minimal mode" which makes it able to act as a micro-framework de facto reducing the dependencies from tens to just 3 and positioning TurboGears between Flask and Django in the rose of python frameworks for its objectives, as it aims as being able to scale from a micro-framework to a full-stack framework depending just on the fact that the TurboGears2 or the tg.devtools package is used.

  • The 15 June 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo (VEI 6) in the Philippines released a total of 18 ± 4 Tg of SO2.
  • In Franklin and Jackson's 1830 map of Singapore, the Tuas area is marked with three different names "Tg Kampong", "Tg Rawa" and "Tg Gull".
  • .tg is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Togo. Although there are no restrictions on who can register domains in this TLD, it is not often used outside Togo.
  • β-Thromboglobulin (β-TG), or beta-thromboglobulin, is a chemokine protein secreted by platelets.
  • The TG-6 is technically very similar to the Olympus TG-4 and TG-5. The physical dimensions (length x width x depth) of the TG-4, TG-5 and the TG-6 are identical.

  • To use the Strejc method, it is necessary to apply a step signal to the system and record its tu and tg parameters by observing the inflection point of the response curve.
  • The attack on the two MILF camps progressed as planned. TG "A" was successful in assaulting and clearing both MILF camps, as TG "B" supported the effort.
  • Kleber played in the youth ranks of TG Veitshöchheim, SC Heuchelhof and TG Würzburg.
  • Glider pilot schools used Aeronca TG-5As, Taylorcraft TG-6As, and Piper TG-8As unpowered glider conversions of powered light observation aircraft which had similar characteristics to the military gliders under development.
  • The organization Kreativ Aktiv Norsk Dataungdom (KANDU) is formally responsible for hosting TG.

  • Production and work began on the TG in 1988. Although similar to the TC, the TG had an Almac designed chassis and used Holden Gemini as a donor car.
  • After the strike on Wake, TG 58.6 returned to Majuro to prepare for the Marianas campaign.
  • The Termite-"flg" RNA motif (also called tg-flg) is a conserved RNA structure identified by bioinformatics.
  • Ramagundam has two TG Halls one for STAGE-I and the other common for STAGE-II and STAGE-III.
  • Three possible staggered conformations are possible:: "gauche"–"trans" ("gt"), "gauche"–"gauche" ("gg"), and "trans"–"gauche" ("tg").

  • So-called "low-Tg-glasses" with a maximum transition temperature of less than 550 °C have been developed in order to enable new manufacturing routes for the moulds.
  • Mitochondrially encoded tRNA glycine also known as MT-TG is a transfer RNA which in humans is encoded by the mitochondrial "MT-TG" gene.
  • The TG was an equal-span biplane with tandem open cockpits.
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