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transmissible gastroenteritis <TGE>
transmissible Gastroenteritis {f} <TGE>
transmissible gastroenteritis <TGE>
übertragbare Magen-Darmentzündung {f}
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  • transmissible Gastroenteritis {f} <TGE> = transmissible gastroenteritis <TGE>
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  • After withdrawing from the TGE and boycotting the 1995 general elections, the group returned to the bush with the objective of toppling the EPRDF, and has since claimed responsibility for many operations launched against EPRDF targets.
  • A large material hopper is positioned over (in tge centrifugal types) a horizontal spinning disk.
  • With a view to enhancing existing energy infrastructure, including Poland–Germany and Poland–Czech Republic upgrades, tge Polish TSO invested an additional €650 million and the Lithuanian TSO €262 million.
  • The Tree Grammar Engine (TGE) then converts these into Parrot Abstract Syntax Trees (PAST).
  • The city of Luhansk was represented by Dynamo Luhansk, while in 1949–1951 there was as well a team of tge Luhansk regional party administration "Trudovi Rezervy".

  • Microschock requires direct electrical connection to the heart muscle and is normally illustrated using a diagram such as Figure 1 (from TGE).
  • The PGE feeds into the Tree Grammar Engine (TGE) which further transforms the parse-tree generated by PGE for optimization and ultimately for code generation.
  • One former TCA Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation (CF-TGE), has been preserved by The Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington. It is currently on display at the Museum's "Airpark" attraction.
  • Similar efforts were also occurring at Tokyo Gas and Electric Industries, a predecessor of Hino with the Model TGE "A-Type" truck in 1917, and Nihon Diesel Industries, Ltd, a predecessor of Nissan Diesel had developed the LD1 truck in 1939, and there was also the Toyota G1.
  • The TG range is currently made up of five models with the introduction of the TGE light commercial vehicle, a rebadged Volkswagen Crafter.

  • He was considered to be the right-hand man of tge senior minister as he introduced him into politics of Khushab as Mr.
  • An art-deco cinema called Dominion opened in 1936 adjoining Lower Mead football ground, on much of tge site of Greenhill Farm.
  • This section briefly affirms the TGE's authority to "abide by all mutual agreements that respect the sovereignty of Ethiopia and are not contrary to the interests of the People."
  • "vSide" is built on a heavily modified version of the Torque Game Engine based on TGE 1.3.5.
  • With help, and money, given by the United States State Department with expectations of "democratic" behavior, the EPRDF was able to choose members of the TGE and how it would be run.

  • TGE was prevalent in the US when it was originally discovered in the early 20th century.
  • Quai ma gustass, ha ella pensà, ed ha clamà al corv: «Tge bel che ti es!
  • Shettima Ali Monguno was also the president of OPEC between 1972 and 1973. He was tge presidential candidate during the Option A4 elections in the early 1990s in Nigeria.
  • In 1936, when he was a Waseda University student, he was selected for tge Japan national team for the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.
  • It also plays a leading role in several national projects of CNRS such as TGE-Adonis and Isore.

  • The second generation Crafter is also sold by MAN Truck & Bus as the MAN TGE.
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