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Take your position!Nimm die Position ein!
in your positionan deiner Stelle
to take a positioneine Stelle annehmen
to take up position
Stellung beziehen
to take up position
Position beziehen
to take a positioneine Stelle übernehmen
Take your pick.Such dir was aus.
Take your choice!Triff deine Wahl!
Take your pick!Such dir einen aus!
Take your time.Lass dir (ruhig) Zeit.
Take your pick!Such dir etwas aus!
Take your marks!
Auf die Plätze!
to take up a positioneinen Standpunkt einnehmen
to take a clear positionklare Kante zeigen [ugs.] [Redewendung]
Take up your option!Ergreife deine Wahl!
I take your lead.Ich richte mich nach Ihnen.
Please take your seats! Bitte nehmen Sie Ihre Plätze ein! [formelle Anrede an mehrere Personen]
I take your point.Einverstanden.
Take your coat off.
Leg ab! [z. B. Mantel ausziehen, um ihn an die Garderobe zu hängen]
Take your seats, please!
Alles einsteigen!
Take your hands off!Tu die Hände weg! [ugs.]
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  • A take-down is a wrestling move used to go from a neutral standing position to an up position with your opponent in a down position and thus score two take-down points.
  • It was Mackenzie's position with "Good Housekeeping" which led to her being asked to take a screen test for a new show which would become "How Clean Is Your House?
  • Instead he argues that the force of the Doomsday Argument resides purely in the increased probability of an early Doomsday once you take into account your birth position, regardless of your prior probability distribution for "N".
  • This is performed by starting in the same position as the normal squat thrust and then splitting the legs in motion; keeping on your toes during the exercise, take one leg from the rear, up towards the chest in a smooth motion, once the foot of this leg reaches the ground, the other leg should then start to come up towards the chest, and at the same time the leading leg should go back to the starting position.
  • Fight control - is a term that represent that which Ashihara Karate stands for, it involve a revolutionary, scientific, logical and safe type of self-defense training; specifically, it refers to the ability to take up a safe and strong position from which to contain your opponent and launch a counter-attack.

  • When you extend the back from the flexed position, at the end range, your head and neck stays in neutral position.
  • They will then take the hollow gauge needle and insert it through the marked position.
  • It stands for Human Progress, and concentrates upon the Progress of Women only because their present position is the world’s stumbling block.” By publishing "The Forerunner", Gilman hoped to inspire woman to take the steps towards changing the concepts of what a woman “should be” and stimulate the community to promote a commonality in the civil liberties of women.
  • Because of his sharp mind he was repeatedly requested by the King to take a position of responsibility at court.
  • (English: "Barcelona is your father"), referring to the fact that Barcelona has always occupied a most important hierarchical position than Emelec in many aspects.

  • "Set" means the athlete should take their final starting position, with the front wheel touching the ground behind the starting line.
  • He subsequently moved to Los Angeles to take a position on Dinah Shore's television variety program.
  • When the action slows in the standing position, the referee will give the command “action”.
  • He continues to eliminate members of the department he sees as "threats" to his position, using the weapon and ice-based effects.
  • Hurley had been friends with bassist Pete Wentz since he was 16, and he first filled in on a touring position as drummer for Fall Out Boy before joining the band as full-time drummer.

  • Artillerymen around the clearing began moving guns into position around Fairview Cemetery.
  • The MLA Governmental Relations Committee is charged with developing consistency in the Association's position on information policy issues, and on governmental actions affecting medical libraries.
  • The single debuted at a peak position of number three in the UK Singles Chart and also reached the top 40 in Flanders and Ireland.
  • Saade performed on 12 May 2011 in the second semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest in eighth position in the lineup.
  • Despite Barry's position, he had so little to say about the existence of discrimination obstacles and barriers towards upward mobility.

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