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NOUN   Tonga | -
SYNO Friendly Islands | Kingdom of Tonga | Tonga
Tonga <.to>
Tonga {n}
Tonga Trench
Tongagraben {m}
Tonga-Kutscher {m}
Kingdom of Tonga
Königreich {n} Tonga
Tonga escolar [Tongaichthys robustus]
Tonga-Escolar {m}
Tonga petrel [Pterodroma heraldica]
Wappensturmvogel {m}
Tonga whistler [Pachycephala jacquinoti]
Tongadickkopf {m}
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  • Tonga {n} = Tonga <.to>
  • Königreich {n} Tonga = Kingdom of Tonga
  • Tonga-Kutscher {m} = tonga-wallah
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  • The Tui Tonga (ruler of Tonga) had two sons. The elder was named Tuitonga after his father, the younger, Lautivunia.
  • The Tonga-speaking inhabitants are the oldest Bantu settlers, with the Tumbuka, a small ethnic group in the east, in what is now known as Zambia.
  • The name Tongariro is derived from the Māori words tonga meaning south wind and riro meaning carried away.
  • Mafileo debuted for Tonga in the 1995 Rugby World Cup, playing only against Ivory Coast, at Rustenburg.
  • "Pygmeocossus tonga" is a moth in the family Cossidae. It is found on the Andaman Islands of India.

  • He became Bishop of Tonga when Tonga was created a diocese in 1966.
  • Tonga maintains strong regional ties in the Pacific.
  • The untouchables of the village requested him to spend the night with them, but as the tonga walas considered it below their dignity to cart an untouchable (Ambedkar), the villagers had to hire a tonga (horse-driven carriage) and ride it on their own.
  • The shell of Sāngone was brought to Tonga and was kept as a precious heirloom by successive generations of Tu [...] i Tonga.
  • Ten of the eleven longhouses, excluding Fiji, were renamed: Bali Hai became Tonga; Bora Bora became Niue; Hawaii became Samoa; Maui became Rarotonga; Moorea became Tahiti; Oahu became Tokelau; Pago Pago became Rapa Nui; Samoa became Tuvalu; Tahiti became Aotearoa and Tonga became Hawaii.

  • ungatonga, the 6th Tu [...] i Ha [...] atakalaua (King who governs the daily business of Tonga on behalf of the Tu [...] i Tonga or Sacred King of Tonga) sent his youngest son, Ngata (later to be 1st Tu [...] i Kanokupolu) as governor to Hihifo (Western side of Tongatapu).
  • Fatafehi Laufilitonga (24 August 1797 &ndash; 9 December 1865) was the 39th and last Tu [...] i Tonga, a dynasty of kings in Tonga during the Tu [...] i Tonga Empire.
  • Since that time, up to the last Tu [...] i Tonga, Laufilitonga, the dynasty has always remained in Mu [...] a.
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