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NOUN   a Tongan | Tongans
Tongan {adj}tongaisch
Tongaer {m}
Tongasprache {f}
Tongan [female]
Tongaerin {f}
2 Wörter
Tongan Pa'anga <T$, PT>
Tongaischer Pa'anga {m} <T$, PT> [Tonga-Dollar]
Tongan Paʻanga <T$, PT> [also: Tongan Pa'anga / Paanga]
Paʻanga {n} {m} <T$, PT> [Tonga-Dollar] [auch: Pa'anga, Paanga]
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
Tongan ground dove [Gallicolumba stairi]
Samoa-Erdtaube {f}
Tongan ground dove [Gallicolumba stairi]
Purpurschultertaube {f}
Tongan ground dove [Gallicolumba stairi]
Freundliche Erdtaube {f}
Tongan megapode [Megapodius pritchardii]
Pritchardhuhn {n}
Tongan scrubfowl [Megapodius pritchardii]
Pritchardhuhn {n} [auch: Pritchard-Huhn]
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  • The tongan spiny basslet ("Acanthoplesiops naka") is a fish of the family Plesiopidae.
  • Fijian, Rarotongan, Samoan, and Tongan and other countries adopting a similar concept.
  • A Tongan American is an American who is of ethnic Tongan descent.
  • Lakeba lies on a historical faultline between Fiji and Tonga, and Tongan influence is seen in many aspects of Lakeban culture.
  • He is of Fijian and Tongan descent. He represented his Tongan heritage when he played for Tonga at under-20 level in rugby union.

  • Havea Tuʻihaʻangana, styled Lord Tuʻihaʻangana, is a Tongan noble and politician. He was Speaker of the Tongan Legislative Assembly from 2006 to 2008.
  • Sitiveni Polu Le'uligana Tuku'aho (also known as Prince Tungi) (born 25 June 1990) is a Tongan Prince and member of the Tongan Royal Family.
  • The park is home to the Lau banded iguana ("Brachylophus fasciatus"), as well as the Tongan whistler ("Pachycephala jacquinoti") and the Insular flying fox ("Pteropus tonganus").
  • In September 2017 acting Tongan Prime Minister ʻAkilisi Pōhiva visited Apia with a Tongan delegation for a Pacific Islands Forum meeting.
  • After some time the Tongan woman bore a child, but Leutogi remained childless.

  • On 5 of July 2015, she hosted a luncheon in honour for the coronation of her parents at Matakieua Villa which was attended by the Tongan Royal Family, Tongan nobility, members of the Tongan Government, foreign heads of royal houses, foreign royalty and foreign diplomats.
  • In the past, a child born to a Tongan mother overseas could not claim Tongan citizenship, although citizenship could be claimed through the child's father if the father was Tongan.
  • Uiliami Leilua Vi known by his Tongan noble title Hon.
  • This suggests that Tongan Guanzhi is more likely to have been a student of Tongan Wei and not Tongan Daopi.
  • Among its most famous were Tongan steel guitarists Bill Sevesi and Bill Wolfgramm, Pepe and the Rarotongans and Tahitian-based Eddie Lund who was a pianist from Oregon.

  • In April 2008, the Tongan government announced the Tongan Post Office would be corporatized.
  • The table below demonstrates this with the words for 'sky', 'north wind', 'woman', 'house' and 'parent' in a representative selection of languages: Tongan; Niuean; Samoan; Sikaiana; Takuu; Rapanui language; Tahitian; Cook Islands Māori (Rarotongan); Māori; North Marquesan; South Marquesan; Hawaiian and Mangarevan.
  • aparima" or "Kaparima" (Rarotongan) is a dance from Tahiti and the Cook Islands where the mimicks (" [...] apa") with the hands ("rima") are central, and as such it is close to the hula or Tongan "tau [...] olunga".
  • Lisiate [...] Aloveita [...] Akolo is a Tongan politician, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga and former Minister of Finance in the Tongan Cabinet.
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