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Tower of the Winds
Turm {m} der Winde
Palace of the Winds
Palast {m} der Winde [Hawa Mahal, Jaipur]
Chronicler of the Winds [Henning Mankell]
Der Chronist der Winde
The Winds of Change [Martha Grimes]
Karneval der Toten
The Winds of Kitty Hawk [E.W. Swackhamer]
Wir fliegen auf dem Wind
illumination of the towerTurmbeleuchtung {f}
ascent of the towerTurmbesteigung {f} [Besteigung des Turmes]
base of the tower
Turmsockel {m} [Sockel des Turmes]
top of the tower
Turmspitze {f}
the Tower of Babel
der Turmbau {m} zu Babel
to visit the Tower (of London)
den Tower (of London) besichtigen
The Tower of Blue Horses
Der Turm der blauen Pferde [Franz Marc]
at the foot of the tower {adv}am Fuße des Turmes / Turms
The Dark Tower: Song of Susannah [Stephen King]
Keeper of the Lions at the Tower [Br.]
Löwenwärter {m} im Tower
Song of the persecuted man in the tower
Lied des Verfolgten im Turm [G. Mahler]
the Leaning Tower of Pisa [also: the Tower of Pisa]
der Schiefe Turm {m} von Pisa
parable of the tower builder and king going to war
Gleichnis {n} vom Turmbauen und Kriegführen
scattered to the four winds
in alle Himmelsrichtungen verstreut / zerstreut
scattered to the four winds
in alle Winde verstreut / zerstreut
scattered to the four windsin alle Winde verweht
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  • He was also a philanthropist in London, and donated money towards Saint Sophia Cathedral in London and the Greek Orthodox cemetery within West Norwood Cemetery, where he is interred next to his brother Marinos in a grand neoclassical Greek mausoleum modelled on the Tower of the Winds, now listed Grade II.
  • The college is located on the previous Green College site on Woodstock Road next to the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter in North Oxford and is centred on the architecturally important Radcliffe Observatory, an 18th-century building, modelled on the ancient Tower of the Winds at Athens.
  • ... , "Andrónikos Kyrrhēstou"), son of Hermias, was a Greek astronomer best known as the architect of the horologion at Athens called the Tower of the Winds.
  • In an example of an architectural frieze on the façade of a building, the octagonal Tower of the Winds in the Roman agora at Athens bears relief sculptures of the eight winds on its frieze.
  • In its original sense, a "horologion" (Greek: ὡρολόγιον, "the hour-teller" from ὥρα "hṓra" "hour" and -λόγιον"-logion", "teller") or Latin "horologium" was any device or structure for keeping time, such as a sundial or the Tower of the Winds in Athens.

  • The classical model was the Tower of the Winds, a clocktower in Athens which has a frieze depicting the eight wind deities ("anemoi") of Greek mythology.
  • The structure is based on the Tower of the Winds which is on the Roman Agora in Athens.
  • Architect Henry Beaumont Herts designed the Guggenheim family mausoleum, modeled after the Tower of the Winds at Athens.
  • An octagonal tower known as the "Temple of the Winds" is based in design on the Tower of the Winds in Athens.
  • Richard Cockle Lucas (1800–1883), the sculptor, lived in Chilworth from 1854 onwards, originally at "The Tower of the Winds" (which stood opposite the former "Clump Inn"), and later at the nearby "Chilworth Tower".

  • The earliest clock tower was the Tower of the Winds in Athens which featured eight sundials and was created in the 1st century BC during the period of Roman Greece.
  • The Tower of the Winds on the ancient Greek "agora" in Athens once bore on its roof a weather vane in the form of a bronze Triton holding a rod in his outstretched hand, rotating as the wind changed direction.
  • "Torre de los vientos" ("Tower of the Winds"), 1974.
  • The Renaissance inspired building relies heavily on Adamesque designs and detailing and evokes the Tower of the Winds in the capitals on the central pavilion's columns.
  • Its columns were of the delicate "Temple (Tower) of the Winds" pattern, a variant of the Corinthian Order that was used only occasionally in Greek Revival architecture, generally for the finest buildings employing the style.

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