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Tqwarcheli {n}
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Übersetzung für 'Tq'varcheli' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Tqwarcheli {n}geogr.
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  • London Stock Exchange Group acquired Turquoise (TQ), a Pan-European MTF, in 2009.
  • TQ released his next album, titled "Kind of Blue", on March 23, 2010. TQ recorded the Michael Jackson song Dirty Diana for the album.
  • Ordnance Survey grid reference: TQ 838 642 GB.
  • The property manager is TQ (ARC) Building Management Limited.
  • Originally set up to pay for the Great fire in 1666 the coal tax posts were established around London to pay for improvements, two of which can be found in Lower Green. One is located on Lower Green Road, TQ 138 657, and the other on Douglas Road, TQ 140 685, was moved in 1861.

  • Throughout its lifetime, controversy was never far away from the TQ, the conjoint examination and the LMSSA (Licence in Medicine and Surgery of the Society of Apothecaries). The TQ had been created out of a concern felt by the Scottish medical colleges that they might lose their status as licensing bodies in favour of the universities and the London Colleges. The universities from the outset regarded the TQ as inferior to their examinations. In 1870, Edinburgh University told Parliament that it had a ‘fully equipped medical school which was operating to higher standards than any of the other award bodies’. Most doctors who had qualified with the TQ pursued a career in general practice rather than a hospital speciality, and many felt that there was discrimination against them entering hospital medicine as they had what was regarded by many as an 'inferior qualification'.
  • Zhuque-2 has a liftoff weight of 216 metric tons and use 4 TQ-12 methalox engines on the first stage each with a thrust of 67 metric tonnes. The second stage utilizes one vacuum optimised TQ-12 with a thrust of 80 metric tonnes in combination with an 8 metric tonnes thrust TQ-11 engine which acts as a vernier thruster.
  • TQ = selected by "The Technique", Georgia Institute of Technology's student newspaper.
  • In 2006 Hammer was asked to collaborate with the singer/rapper TQ for a brand new version of his song "Crockett's Theme". The result of their work was "The Jan Hammer Project Featuring TQ (Terrance Quaites): Crockett's Theme". A CD single of this new version climbed up the charts in Europe, hitting No. 1 on the iTunes Europe download list.
  • The frequency modulation synthesis provided by the YS/TQ sound engine is very similar to many other 4-op synths released by Yamaha during the 1980s. The YS/TQ is nearly fully compatible - aside from lacking portamento - with voices and sysex for the earlier DX11, DX21, DX27, DX100, and TX81Z. The synthesis unit has an 8-note polyphony and 8-instrument multitimbral capability.

  • Mitochondrially encoded tRNA glutamine also known as MT-TQ is a transfer RNA which in humans is encoded by the mitochondrial "MT-TQ" gene.
  • TQ 4813 4756 [...] and TQ 4816 4760 [...].
  • The TQ-12 ([...] , lit. "Sky Lark 12") is a gas-generator cycle rocket engine burning liquid methane and liquid oxygen under development by Landspace. TQ-12 is the first Chinese liquid rocket engine developed with private funding. The engine has been designed to produce [...] of thrust at sea level.
  • The TQ-15 ([...] , lit. "Sky Lark 15") is a gas-generator cycle rocket engine burning liquid methane and liquid oxygen under development by Landspace. The most recent version of the TQ engine family, the TQ-15A, is intended to power the second stage of LandSpace's upgraded Zhuque-2 rocket.
  • He released his second single Bad Enough featuring Shade Sheist, TQ & Young Noble of The Outlawz in 2009 which was produced by Redzz himself and was supported by Flava TV & BBC Radio. The music video was filmed in Los Angeles. The chorus on "Bad Enough" was a section taken from TQ's verse which was accidentally chopped up and used as a chorus, Redzz only found this out when he eventually met TQ in Los Angeles to film the music video.

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