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U-boat force
U-Bootwaffe {f}
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Übersetzung für 'U boat force' von Englisch nach Deutsch

U-boat force
U-Bootwaffe {f}hist.mil.naut.
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  • Born in Hamburg, Schuhart joined the "Reichsmarine" (navy) of the Weimar Republic in 1929, transferring to the U-boat force in 1936.
  • He was transferred to the U-boat force in January 1936 and rose quickly through the ranks and on 1 April 1939 he was promoted to Kapitänleutnant.
  • Gysae joined the "Reichsmarine" in 1931 and served on torpedo boats before transferring to the "U-Bootwaffe" ("U-boat force") in April 1940.
  • Meanwhile, in Berlin during a thunderstorm, Adolf Hitler listens to a newsflash about the defeat of his U-boat force.
  • In May 1937, he joined the U-boat force, and like many of the later successful commanders received a solid pre-war training under Karl Dönitz.
  • and service on escort ships, he was assigned in October 1937 to the U-boat force.
  • "U-140" was docked, her crew transferred and she was converted into a training boat, designed to operate solely in the Baltic Sea, training submariners for the main U-boat force.
  • Although the German Naxos countered these radars, by this time the U-boat force was already damaged beyond repair.
  • On 31 March JW 58 met first patrol line and for 48 hours the U-boat force mounted 18 attacks on the convoy.
  • In January 1938 he was appointed to the staff of the commander of the U-boat force, Admiral Dönitz.
  • In October 1940, after a period of service on torpedo boats and light cruisers, he transferred to the "Ubootwaffe" ("U-boat force").
  • In 1939 Emmermann joined the U-boat force and in November 1940 became the first Watch officer on [...] under the command of Hans Eckermann.
  • In March 1941 Jahn joined the U-boat force and his first patrol were on board [...] in September 1941.
  • The reinforcement of the U-boat force in the Arctic to 12 in March and 21 in August (the real number was later found to be 23) was followed, along with the transfer orders to the large German ships, leading to the ambush of "Prinz Eugen" by the submarine [...] off Trondheim on 23 February.
  • He joined the U-boat force in October that year and received command of [...] on 9 September 1941, departing on his first cruise on 7 February 1942.
  • He was forced to abort the rescue when his U-boat came under attack by a B-24 Liberator bomber of the United States Army Air Forces.
  • Over a period of 8 days, the escort force destroyed 4 U-boats, 3 of them by 36 EG, for the loss of 2 ships and 2 warships, one of which was carrier "Audacity".
  • He initially trained as an observer in the naval air force, and saw service during the Spanish Civil War, making 21 combat flights in 1937.
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