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U-tube manometer
U-Rohr-Manometer {n}
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Übersetzung für 'U-tube' von Englisch nach Deutsch

U-tube manometer
U-Rohr-Manometer {n}tech.
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  • The U-tube version has no moving parts in the engine other than the water and air, although there are two check valves in the pump.
  • The S3W plant utilized horizontal U-tube steam generators.
  • To further minimize mixing of the electrolytes, a salt bridge can be used which consists of an electrolyte saturated gel in an inverted U-tube.
  • The pressure across the test piece is typically measured with a U tube manometer while, for increased sensitivity and accuracy, the pressure difference across the metering element is measured with an inclined manometer.
  • Many variants of the gas production apparatus exist. Some are suitable for production of larger amounts of gases (Gay-Lussac and Verkhovsky), some for smaller amounts (Kiryushkin, U-tube).

  • A small hole in the refrigerated cabinet allows the u-tube to pass outside into the room.
  • Many companies however do not use two pass heat exchangers with a u-tube because they can break easily in addition to being more expensive to build.
  • ... density relative to water) is first measured using either the hydrometer, detailed in ASTM D1298 or with the oscillating U-tube method detailed in ASTM D4052.
  • It is not, typically, actually necessary to consult tables as the tabulated °Bx or °P value can be printed directly on the hydrometer scale next to the tabulated value of specific gravity or stored in the memory of the electronic U-tube meter or calculated from polynomial fits to the tabulated data.
  • In the direct reading hydrostatic manometer design on the right, applied pressure Pa pushes the liquid down the right side of the manometer U-tube, while a length scale next to the tube measures the difference of levels.

  • In modern laboratories precise measurements of relative density are made using oscillating U-tube meters.
  • Sprague's system of electric supply was a great advantage in relation to the first bipolar U-tube overhead lines, in everyday use since 1883 on the Mödling and Hinterbrühl Tram.
  • James Lind's anemometer of 1775 consisted of a vertically mounted glass U tube containing a liquid manometer (pressure gauge), with one end bent out in a horizontal direction to face the wind flow and the other vertical end capped.
  • During power operation, heavy water was circulated by primary pumps through the U-tubes containing the fuel assemblies which heated the water.
  • In these kinds of measurements, the most practical instrument to use is the pitot tube.

  • The oldest type is the liquid column (a vertical tube filled with mercury) manometer invented by Evangelista Torricelli in 1643.
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