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upper arm girth <UAG>Oberarmumfang {m} <OAU>
urinary anion gap <UAG>
Anionenlücke {f} im Urin
urine anion gap <UAG>
Anionenlücke {f} im Urin
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  • Unterarmgehstütze {f} <UAG> = forearm crutch
  • Unterarmgehstütze {f} <UAG> = Canadian crutch [forearm crutch]
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  • His younger brother Mauro Cejas plays for Tecos UAG in Mexico.
  • Engineered initiator tRNAs (tRNAfMet2 with CUA anticodon) have been used to initiate translation at the amber stop codon UAG.
  • Construction of the Estadio Tres de Marzo began on 1971, when the newly founded football team of the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (UAG), that back then played in the third tier of Mexican football, needed a stadium.
  • In 2009, the name of the UAG soccer team changed to Estudiantes.
  • Skipped combinations: 000·MFN to 999·MPZ and 093·UAG to 999·UAZ (000·UAA to 092·UAG was issued).

  • During his club career, Ederson played for Defensor Sporting, Iraklis, UAG Tecos, Kerkyra and Panserraikos.
  • After college, Guy played professional basketball abroad, including a stint on Lobos UAG in Mexico.
  • This structural motif was previously thought to cause the UAG (amber) stop codon to be translated to the amino acid pyrrolysine instead of ending the protein translation.
  • The inclusion of DirectAccess with UAG has been a big influence on its success, as DirectAccess provides a very seamless VPN-like integration and is in high-demand by many organizations.
  • With Tecos UAG, he mainly played with reserve team at Primera División A.

  • During his footballer career he played for Cruz Azul, UAG, Rayo Vallecano, and Club Deportivo Guadalajara.
  • He made his debut with Toluca on 14 February 2001 in a 3-1 loss against Tecos UAG.
  • After the LSP/MAS started to set up organizations of the CAP in the Walloon part of the country without consulting the UAG, and the management of the CAP did not stop it, there was a crisis in the UAG's relations with the CAP.
  • Valenzuela came up from the Atlas youth system, debuting in Clausura 2003 against future club Tecos UAG.
  • Retroviruses whose gag and pol genes are in the same reading frame often depend upon approximately 5% read-through of the gag UAG termination codon to form the gag-pol polyprotein.

  • Pyrrolysine (symbol Pyl or O; encoded by the 'amber' stop codon UAG) is an α-amino acid that is used in the biosynthesis of proteins in some methanogenic archaea and bacteria; This amino acid is encoded by UAG (normally a stop codon), and its synthesis and incorporation into protein is mediated via the biological machinery encoded by the "pylTSBCD" cluster of genes.
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