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United Arab Republic <UAR>
Vereinigte Arabische Republik {f} <VAR>
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Übersetzung für 'UAR' von Englisch nach Deutsch

United Arab Republic <UAR>
Vereinigte Arabische Republik {f} <VAR>hist.
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  • Still in February, five of its students were arrested and "sent to jail for trampling on the Lebanese flag and replacing it with that of the UAR"."
  • The Jaguars was a 'shadow' Argentine national team, not officially recognised by the UAR as a stratagem to elude the prohibition of the Argentine government that since the early 1970s forbade any official relationship between any Argentine sport federation and South African and Rhodesian ones, due to the apartheid politics of those countries.
  • The ASFAR Ultras movement began in 2005, when the bases of Ultras Askary Rabat (UAR), And The second group Black Army (BA) was created in 2006, Their sanctuary is the southern Included of the Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium.
  • The United Arab Republic (UAR) was formed in February 1958.
  • According to some scholars, the Pannonian Avars originated from a confederation formed in the Aral Sea region, by the Uar (also known as the "Ouar", "Warr" or "Var") and the Xionites.

  • Then, after the formation of the United Arab Republic (UAR) under Gamal Abdel Nasser in February 1958, tensions escalated in Tyre between the forces of Chamoun and supporters of Pan-Arabism.
  • Hourcade returned to the UAR in 2010 when he became the head coach of the Argentina Jaguars, where he led the Jaguars to four consecutive championships in the Americas Rugby Championship and led the team to second in the IRB Nations Cup.
  • , "Jāsim ʿAlwān") (born 4 July 1928 – died 3 January 2018 in Cairo) was a prominent colonel in the Syrian Army, particularly during the period of the United Arab Republic (UAR) (1958–1961) when he served as the Commander of the Qatana Base near Damascus.
  • broom) was a confrontation between Israel and the United Arab Republic (UAR) in February–March 1960.
  • It is based on the village name "Várkony", that is a derivative of the Avar people in their form of "uar".

  • The youth divisions of the club began to participate in the UAR competitions.
  • In 1958, tensions between the mostly Muslim and Druze opposition and the mostly Christian supporters of President Camille Chamoun—stemming from Chamoun's enmity with the United Arab Republic (a union between Egypt and Syria established in February), the government's attempts at containing political opposition, and the deployment of the US Sixth Fleet—erupted into countrywide civil strife in May.
  • A referendum on the United Arab Republic was held in Egypt on 21 February 1958, alongside a simultaneous referendum in Syria.
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