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Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter <UART>
UART {m} [kurz für: Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter]
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  • UART {m} [kurz für: Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter] = Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter <UART>
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  • This allowed the protocol to be implemented using microcontrollers featuring a standard UART module.
  • During development, engineers had made the decision to use the Zilog 8530 serial controller chip (SCC) instead of the lower-cost and more common UART to provide serial port connections.
  • IBM provided a serial card based on an 8250 UART. The BIOS supports up to two serial ports.
  • Point-to-point messaging with SSI can be done with SSI/UART.
  • On-board I/O included a dual serial port UART and a 16-bit parallel port.

  • In 1268, it was mentioned as Huart, then Uart (1350), Uart de Valo d'Araquil (1366), Huarte de Val de Araquil (1610), 1 Ugarte Araquil (1701) and Hugarte Araquil (1708).
  • A UART is usually an individual (or part of an) integrated circuit (IC) used for serial communications over a computer or peripheral device serial port.
  • When start bit length is used to determine the baud rate, it requires the character to be odd since UART sends LSB bit first.
  • Once a UART, and a timer if necessary, has been configured, the programmer needs only write a simple interrupt routine to refill the "send" shift register whenever the last bit is shifted out by the UART and/or empty the full "receive" shift register (copy the data somewhere else).
  • PCBoard supported the 16C550 UARTs (universal asynchronous receiver transmitter), such as 16550 UART ("Fifo"), 16554 UART and 16650 UART, which made it possible to run multiple nodes of the BBS on a single (multitasking) computer using either using IBM OS/2 or the DOS multitasking tool DESQview in combination with the memory manager QEMM.

  • Both the computer hardware and software interface of the 16550 are backward compatible with the earlier 8250 UART and 16450 UART.
  • An example that is still of contemporary relevance can be found in the 16550 UART, whose derivatives are still in widespread use.
  • The UART column shows the highest common baud rate (under 1,000,000), assuming a clock pre-divider of 16 is resolved to an exact integer baud rate.
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