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United Federation of Planets <UFP> [Star Trek]
Vereinigte Föderation {f} der Planeten [Star Trek]
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  • ultrafeine Partikel {pl} <UFP> = ultrafine particles <UFPs>
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  • ^ QS change is from UFP.
  • The UFP leader Sir Edgar Whitehead pledged to appoint Southern Rhodesia's first African Minister should he be re-elected.
  • The next federal elections in March 1962 were boycotted by all other parties, allowing the UFP to win 54 of the 57 seats.
  • This speech was praised by another UFP MPs i.e. Hwangbo Seung-hee and Park Soo-young.
  • In 2020 election, he contested under the United Future Party (UFP) banner but lost to Oh Ki-hyung, whom he used to defeat 4 years ago.

  • On 8 May, Joo Ho-young was elected the UFP's Floor Leader, automatically becoming the party's interim Leader.
  • The party, however, soon faced a conflict with the UFP due to issues related to candidate selection for the upcoming general election, which led the party leadership to collapse on 19 March.
  • In 2002, it joined with the Parti de la démocratie socialiste and the Parti communiste du Québec to form the Union des forces progressistes (UFP).
  • Like in Italy the two main parties (DP and UFP) founded satellite parties, the Platform Party (DP) and the Future Korea Party (UFP).
  • In 2002, Gauche Socialiste participated in the creation of the Union des forces progressistes (UFP) and subsequently in 2006 supported the creation of Quebec solidaire through the merger of the UFP and Option citoyenne.

  • The terms nanoparticles and ultrafine particles (UFP) often are used synonymously although UFP can reach into the micrometre range.
  • The Green Party of Quebec pledged to try to avoid running candidates in ridings where there was a UFP candidate, although it reserved the right to run anywhere it wants to (even ridings with a UFP candidate), and did not merge with the UFP.
  • In 2002, the PDS became a part of the left-wing coalition Union des forces progressistes (UFP; Union of Progressive Forces), together with the Rassemblement pour l'alternative progressiste (RAP; Union for a Progressive Alternative) and the Communist Party of Quebec.
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