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ultrahigh vacuum <UHV>
Ultrahochvakuum {n} <UHV>
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Übersetzung für 'UHV' von Englisch nach Deutsch

ultrahigh vacuum <UHV>
Ultrahochvakuum {n} <UHV>phys.
  • Ultrahochvakuum {n} <UHV> = ultrahigh vacuum <UHV>
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  • Ion pumps are commonly used in ultra-high vacuum (UHV) systems, as they can attain ultimate pressures less than 10−11 mbar.
  • This also illustrates why ultra-high vacuum (UHV) must be used to study solid-state surfaces, nanostructures or even single molecules.
  • The University of Houston–Victoria (UHV) is separately accredited, offers its own academic programs, and confers its own degrees.
  • UHV conditions are integral to scientific research.
  • He is a faculty member and director of Applied Artificial Intelligence(AAI) laboratoryat University of Houston at Victoria (UHV).

  • If larger particle numbers are desired, the positrons are transferred to an ultra-high vacuum (UHV) Penning–Malmberg trap in a several Tesla magnetic field.
  • Ultra-high vacuum (UHV) components are typically electropolished in order to have a smoother surface for improved vacuum pressures, out-gassing rates, and pumping speed.
  • Neyco is a French company founded in 1954, specialist in High Vacuum, UHV, Inorganic materials and thin films.
  • Use of reflection high-energy electron diffraction (RHEED) enables the in-situ monitoring of the growth, and this additionally with UHV and slow growth speed allows one to create clean, atomically thin monolayers.
  • Stronger and stiffer than Beryllium, with lower thermal expansion and lower toxicity, it is ideal for UHV isolation windows in X-ray beamlines.

  • Prior to the Paris Agreement, which made it necessary to phase out coal, oil and gas, there has been controversy over UHV since 2004 when the State Grid Corporation of China proposed the idea of UHV construction.
  • Long distance inter-regional transmission has been implemented by using ultra-high voltages (UHV) of 800 kV, based on an extension of technology already in use in other parts of the world.
  • UHV competes in six intercollegiate sports: Men's sports include baseball, golf and soccer; while women's sports include golf, soccer and softball.
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