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untranslated region <UTR>
untranslatierter Bereich {m} <UTR>
Doctor of Canon and Civil Law <JUD, IUD, DUJ, DUI, DJU, DIU, UJD, UID, JUDr., Dr.iur.utr.> [juris / iuris utriusque doctor, doctor utriusque juris, doctor juris utriusque]
Doktor {m} beider Rechte <Dr. iur. utr., auch Dr. jur. utr., Dr. j. u.>
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  • untranslatierter Bereich {m} <UTR> = untranslated region <UTR>
  • Doktor {m} beider Rechte <Dr. iur. utr., auch Dr. jur. utr., Dr. j. u.> = Doctor of Canon and Civil Law <JUD, IUD, DUJ, DUI, DJU, DIU, UJD, UID, JUDr., Dr.iur.utr.> [juris / iuris utriusque doctor, doctor utriusque juris, doctor juris utriusque]
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  • The 5' UTR is upstream from the coding sequence. Within the 5' UTR is a sequence that is recognized by the ribosome which allows the ribosome to bind and initiate translation.
  • Other non-coding RNA structures in Tombusvirus include the 3' UTR region IV and 5' UTR.
  • In protein-coding genes, the exons include both the protein-coding sequence and the 5′- and 3′-untranslated regions (UTR).
  • The 5' UTR of LRRC74A transcript variant 1 is 91 bp in length.
  • The lowest energy structure was predicted for the 5' UTR and 3' UTR.

  • The tables below represent the most significant RNA-binding proteins based on relevancy and match score to the SMIM19 5’ UTR and 3’ UTR.
  • The 5' UTR of flaviviruses are highly structured, has a length of approximately 100 nucleotides and harbors two conserved RNA secondary structures which are vital for the viral life cycle.
  • There are no microRNA binding sites found in C22orf31. Three functionally important stem loops are predicted in both the 3' UTR and 5' UTR of C22orf31.
  • There were no predicted enhancers associated with c14orf119. There were a number of stem loop formation predictions in both the 5' UTR and 3' UTR of c14orf119.
  • The human CLIP4 mRNA sequence has 12 stem-loop structures in its 5' UTR and 13 stem-loop structures in its 3' UTR.

  • Coronavirus genomes are positive-sense single-stranded RNA molecules with an untranslated region (UTR) at the 5′ end which is called the 5′ UTR.
  • ... iur. utr.).
  • C9orf50 5' UTR intermolecular base paired structure with the highest delta G is -323.4 kcal/mol.
  • According to the Genomatix program El Dorado, the 5' UTR region is predicted to be 48 base pairs in length while the 3' UTR is 93 base pairs long.
  • In the 5' UTR and 3' UTR of FHAD1, multiple stem loops are predicted to form .

  • In the 5'UTR, there is one stable stem loop, which contains a eukaryotic translation initiation factor motif.
  • The untranslated regions (UTR) flanking the coding sequence of BEND2 at the 5' and 3' end of the mature mRNA molecule contain sites for RNA-binding proteins, including RBMX, pum2, and EIF4B as well as microRNA binding sites.
  • NsiR4 interacts with the 5′UTR of the mRNA of the GS inactivating factor IF7 ("gifA" mRNA) and reduces its expression.
  • ... iur. utr.) at the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg under the supervision of Franz-Ludwig Knemeyer.
  • TMEM251 has a multitude of mutations in its 5'UTR, coding sequence, and 3'UTR. The majority of the mutations observed are missense mutations.

  • iur. utr. in 1978 for her doctoral thesis entitled "Die Freizeichnung des Verkäufers von der Sachmängelhaftung im amerikanischen und deutschen Recht" (The seller’s limitation of liability for defective goods under American and German law).
  • After completing his secondary education at the Jesuit College in Feldkirch, Aloysius graduated from law schools in Prague and in Fribourg, receiving his "Dr. jur. utr." in 1895.
  • Neutrophils, are the most abundant type of granulocytes and are responsible for leading the first response of the immune system response against invaders.
  • If the dissertation is in the area of church laws, traditional universities may award the very rare degree of "Doktor beider Rechte" translating to doctor of both laws (Latin form: "doctor iuris utriusque" or "Dr. ...
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