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Uruguayan peso <UYU>
Uruguayischer Peso {m} <UYU>
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Übersetzung für 'UYU' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Uruguayan peso <UYU>
Uruguayischer Peso {m} <UYU>curr.
  • Uruguayischer Peso {m} <UYU> = Uruguayan peso <UYU>
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  • Kelluyo (Aymara Q'illuyu, "q'illu" yellow, "uyu" corral, "yellow corral") is one of seven districts of the Chucuito Province in Peru.
  • He transferred to Platense Wanderers in 1997, making just 5 appearances in the domestic league, scoring twice, before joining Club Sportivo Cerrito the following year for 17,000 UYU.
  • The Tamanthi Wildlife Reserve extends into the Homalin Township. Gold has been found in the river sand of Uyu River and extraction has been undertaken jointly with the Russians.
  • ("uyu-" "sleep", although "uy-" "heed").
  • Mong kong Mong Yawng (1st-Möngkawng) is situated in Hukawng valley, near the Uyu river.

  • In each season, contestants are trained by one of the four coaches, competing to win UYU$300 million and a contract with Universal Music.
  • The river Jach'uyu (Aymara for "big corral", Jachuyo) originates at the lake.
  • Grace-Charis Bassey was born Uyu Effah on 14 December 1989 in Cross River State, a coastal state in Southern Nigeria.
  • The river originates in the Cordillera Real from the confluence of streams from Jach'a Pata, Janq'u Uyu, Wila Lluxita and Qulin Tuqu near a lake named Janq'u Quta.
  • Zedizeik is a village on the Uyu River in Homalin Township, Hkamti District, in the Sagaing Region of northwestern Burma.

  • Yebawmi lies on the banks of the Uyu River and is noted for its salt springs and waistcloth weaving.
  • Hwepanan is a village on the Uyu River in Homalin Township, Hkamti District, in the Sagaing Region of northwestern Burma.
  • The capital of the Inca province was Chucuito, presently a village of the same name where the archaeological site of Inca Uyu is located.
  • "Tarak-juk" (...), also called "uyu-juk" (...) or milk porridge, is a "juk", or Korean porridge, made with milk and rice (glutinous japonica variety).
  • He carried bully beef to his raft across the Uyu River, pictured wearing his underwear and campaign hat.

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